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المكتب الرئيسي:202, Bay Square, Building no. 01, Al Abraj Street, Business Bay, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 62137

Al Mizan Group is a multi faceted Real Estate organization that has been active in Dubai since 1998. The group is involved in property development, brokerage and management. The Dubai government began to permit freehold property ownership for expatriates in 2004, and Al Mizan has since been involved in over AED 2 billion worth of transactions including land, residential, commercial, industrial units, residential buildings and islands.
Al Mizan began their first development project in 2014, and has completed townhouses in Furjan; warehouses, labor accommodation and retail spaces in Umm Al Quwain and are in the final stages of completing their flagship project – The Wings.
The mission of the company is to establish itself as a mature, long-term player in the Dubai real estate industry. The company’s prime priority is to provide best in-class quality, at strategically selected areas of development. Furthermore, transparency and relationship management are of utmost importance. Al Mizan has managed to cultivate a very respected reputation within the industry, as well as with clients, both domestic and international.

The company was founded by two brothers Yogesh and Ashok Doshi from Gujarat, India. Between the both of them, they have run successful trading businesses in the diamond, watches, electronics and IT industries in India, East Africa and the UAE. They transitioned to Real Estate Investments as their core business immediately after freehold property became permitted in Dubai. Since 2015, the second generation of the founders also joined the business.

Shreyash Ashok Doshi, a graduate in Masters of Science in Real Estate Development from New York University brings international market expertise to the group’s projects. Kaival Yogesh Doshi is a graduate with Bachelors in Business Administration and he has integrated his solar projects contracting startup to the Al Mizan group thereby expanding the reach and potential of the group.

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