6 hottest areas to buy a property in Abu Dhabi right now

We ran the numbers using data from our site to figure out Abu Dhabi’s hottest neighbourhoods to buy property at. To rank the top 6, we looked at the average numbers of visits per community by people looking to pick up a pad in the capital, on propertyfinder.


1. Al Reem Island

  • Al Reem Island leads the way; was Abu Dhabi’s most searched community for buying property in 2016. The average price for a townhouse is AED 3,650,000.

image of villa exterior

2. Al Reef

  • Al Reef enters the top 6 this quarter; rise in appeal for the community as it did not make the list until recently. Average villa price: AED 2,030,000

3. Al Ghadeer

  • Al Ghadeer is a frequent in the top 6; the average price for a villa is AED 2,195,000

image of villa interior

4. Saadiyat Island

  • Saadiyat Island moves up some spots since the previous rankings. A world-class island destination, Saadiyat Island features a wide range of luxury residences and hospitality, leisure and retail opportunities and is just seven minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi. The average price for a villa: AED 9,547,500.

5. Al Raha Beach

  • Al Raha Beach 8,214 individual searches were done in this particular location of Al Raha Beach. The average price for a villa: AED 11,000,000.

6. Yas Island

  • Yas Island has a unique atmosphere and ambience. The average price for a villa: AED 4,814,000.

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