5 Colour Blocking Home Décor Ideas

Goodbye, gloomy interiors and hello, gorgeous bright colours!

We don’t know about you, but we’re absolutely loving the colour blocking trend in interior design. If you don’t know what colour blocking is; it basically consists of combining solid colours put together in a random or geometric pattern in order to create an eye-catching contrast.

The trend was first adopted by the fashion industry then it quickly spread and it is now strongly used in interior design and home accessories. At first (especially if you’re the colour-shy kind) it might seem a bit daunting to go that “color crazy”, however when done properly the results are just stunning as combining different colours will brighten up your interior and give it a touch of originality! You can also adopt the trend in a more subtle way by mixing pastel shades or in home accessories like chairs or rugs. Here are some ideas thatmight inspire you on how to use strong colours in different areas of your house.

1- Bathroom 

It’s very easy to reproduce this trend with shower curtains and towels. You can use any colours, especially if you have a white background; the bolder the colours, the better.


We never thought we’d say this, but this kitchen is a pretty mix of lime green and beige. Totally stunning!

kitchen color

3- Living Room  

Living in colour: Colour-blocking in the living room can be as simple as lining the sofa with a set of pillows in different shades.



We love the idea of painting a corner or one wall orange and adding an animal print bed or fitting the bed with a bright sheet. You can also add two different solid-colored pillowcases and use a throw across the bottom.

shutterstock_69525664 (2)

5-Chlidren’s room

Bright neon walls…Bring on the colours for the kids!


What do you think of colour-blocking? Is it a yay or a nay?

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