5 interesting facts about Abu Dhabi realty

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent a property in Abu Dhabi, we make sure you spot that great deal when you come across one! Find below all you need know on Abu Dhabi’s latest real estate market trends.

  • Al Ghadeer and Al Reef are 2 of the most affordable areas in Abu Dhabi where you can or buy a property at.

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If you’re looking for a bargain in Abu Dhabi then you should probably consider the following communities:

  • Al Ghadeer is a fairly good option whether you’re looking to buy or rent an apartment. It offers median rents of  AED 60,000 per annum and a median price of AED 1.6 million when it comes to buying an apartment. The area is one of the most coveted of the capital and it stood at the 6th spot in our Top 10 Most Searched Apartment Communities. Al Ghadeer offers a wide range of residential units including villas, townhouses, and apartments. It is an ideal option for those commuting regularly to Dubai, as it is strategically located on the border between the two Emirates.

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  • Al Reef is the best choice if you’re looking for affordable rent, villa wise, with a median rent of AED 135K per year and a median sale price of AED 2 million for a villa. The area is very popular among tenants as it ranked at the second position in our top 10 most searched villa communities. Al Reef villas are located near the beautiful Al Raha Beach, as well as Abu Dhabi International Airport. The development is divided into villa clusters grouped in four distinct architectural themes Arabian, Desert, Mediterranean, and Contemporary with a central downtown area.
  • Al Reem Island and Khalifa City are respectively the most searched communities for rent, for both apartments and villas.

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  • If you’re looking to sell your property but you’re not sure how much it is actually worth, or maybe you would like to buy even just for investment reasons in property in Abu Dhabi, then you’d probably be interested in the fact that Al Reef offers a rental yield of 8.15% higher than Al Raha Beach (6.86%) and Al Reem Island (6.75%).
  • For villas, Al Reef stands in this category too with a rental yield of 6.59% more than Saadiyat Islands (4.41%) and Al Raha Gardens (6.19%).
  • Al Reem Island is the number one most coveted area for buying an apartment, Al Reef is its counterpart for villas.

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All the information provided here is based on listed (advertised) prices on propertyfinder.ae and doesn’t take into account the final transaction price which might be different or properties which aren’t advertised on the company’s website. In order to provide a more balanced view, the median is used instead of the average to reduce the impact of outliers. Please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Median for a definition of the median. For communities with a few listings on propertyfinder.ae,  the information might be less accurate than in communities with many listings. All information is provided on an “as-is” without any guarantee however, it is still a good indicator of market trends and it is useful to compare prices across communities.


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