5 reasons why Eid is the best time to find a new apartment

Eid is just around the corner and people are slowly sliding into the vacation mood once again. While most people are getting ready to travel, this might be the perfect time for you to start looking for a new apartment. Here is why:

1. Less traffic

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You can’t deny that your activities in Dubai revolve around SZR rush hours, and so do your apartment viewing trips. Eid time means less traffic, which in turn means that you can squeeze in more viewing sessions, and moving homes would be less hectic.

2. Less stress

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Eid offers you that much-needed 4-day vacation to recharge your batteries and get a few nights of good sleep. No school runs, no work deadlines, no traffic jams. This automatically puts you in the right mindset to find your dream home and move in right after the Eid break to avoid waiting in queues.

3. More available homes



There are hundreds of new, ready-to-move properties in some of the best developing areas in Dubai:

  • Jumeirah Village Circle: properties starting from 43,000AED
  • Dubai Sports City: properties starting from 43,000AED
  • Business Bay: properties starting from 65,000AED

4. More room to bargain













Since most possible customers are away on vacation, and the end of September marks the end of the third quarter, landlords and real estate agents will be rushing to rent out their properties. This plays in your benefit because it gives you more room to bargain and get a sweeter deal.

5. More time to search














Instead of rushing yourself into finding a property to rent in short time, the Eid vacation gives you a chance to calmly search for the most suitable home, both in regards to location and price. Being off work also gives you more time to read up on your rights as a tenant and which clauses your tenancy contract should include.

To know your rights as a tenant, visit our Tips & Advice section.

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