6 Life hacks for your home this weekend


Become the domesticated superhero with these simple life hacks that you wish you invented. No need to dip into your hard-earned cash either because we’ve drawn up a list that actually works and puts an end to your household worries. 


Not enough space in your overcrowded wardrobe(s)? You know you can never find clothes when you layer them. Rip off a can’s tab and ring it through the neck of the hanger. Then, simply hook another hanger onto the other loophole and voila; you’re an economical space-saver.

After years of the same coffee table in the exact same location you’ll be left with permanent indentations on you carpet or rug. Moved house and want to keep that snug rug or in the mood for a room revamp but indents ruining your style? Abolish this unsightly wear-and-tear look by placing ice cubes there until they melt. Once they’ve evaporated just give the area a little rub and everything is looking brand new again.


Not everything is meant it look shabby chic. Don’t toss that stylish wooden chair because of worn-down scratches. Instead, pop to the supermarket for some walnuts. It’s not a cure but by rubbing a walnut onto those dingy scratches you’ll cover up any signs that they ever existed.


Don’t burn yourself when lighting a hard to reach candle. Food is your friend because lighting a stick of spaghetti will do the trick and keep you at a safe distance. One stick won’t even get overly flammable so you can light a dozen candles and still have pasta for lunch tomorrow.


Let’s face it, those fabric remote control holders don’t look good and the reason why we’re always losing remote controls is because they don’t have a specific place to go. Stick squares of velcro on your remote controls and your coffee table and the designated area is created.


Stay organised and save time. Know which key opens what with a lick of nail polish. We don’t all have memories of janitors so identify your keys by painting them in different colours.

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