8 Interior tips that will boost your productivity at work

According to several studies done on the impact of the workspace on productivity, the physical environment is one of the most significant factors affecting your ability to focus, hence your productivity. But let’s be a bit more realistic… you can’t just go and give a total makeover to your offices.

This is why we did some research and gathered 8 interior tips that can significantly boost your productivity!

  1. Lighting

Never underestimate the power of good lighting over your ability to focus and your aptitude to produce more work. Bad lighting causes headaches, fatigue, and eyestrain.

  1. Posture


  • Keep your eyes 60 to 90 cm away from the computer screen and make sure that the top of the screen is either at or below your eye-level.
  • Don’t use your short height as an excuse. Working hours are not the right time to swing your feet in the air; try resting your feet on a footrest.
  • Try to keep your chair slightly inclined to reduce any spine pressure or back pain.

  1. Clutter

Make your mama proud and keep that desk clean and organised. Ditch that “clutter unleashes my creativity” excuse and start de-cluttering.

  1. Room Colour

The colour of the walls can impact our mood and brain function big time. Of course, it might get you in trouble if you start repainting the walls of your office however, you can control your own micro-environment by introducing small gadgets in different colours that can put you in the right mood.

  1. Room Temperature

“Who did just put the AC on 10°C?! Are you trying to freeze us to death?!” Your co-workers might be feeling unreasonably hot; all you can do about it is just dress in layers so you can control your body temperature all year long.

  1. Room Scent

Cinnamon to stay focused, pine to increase your alertness, peppermint to boost your mood, lavender to relax and citrus to keep you up. Don’t over do it though, your co-workers don’t have to suffer from allergy symptoms because of you.

  1. Room Noise

Sometimes it might seem rude to ask your co-worker to remain quite, so try noise-cancelling headphones and keep that chill-out music playing in the background during busy working hours.

  1. Did someone just say food?

We did! Think fruits, nuts, naturally sweetened yoghurt, moderate amounts of freshly brewed coffee and hummus crackers! We didn’t mean to deceive you with our title but no junk food allowed, keep it out of sight!



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