Superheroes’ Headquarters and Their Selling Value in Dubai

As Comicon Dubai celebrates its 5th birthday today, what better occasion could there be to look into our favourite superheroes’ homes and tell you how much their properties would be valued for sale in Dubai? The team scouted some stunning properties for our 5 superheroes in case they would like to move to Dubai – like everyone else.

Wayne Manor/The Batcave


Location: A very quiet corner of suburban Dubai.

Type: Villa

Estimated buying price: 30,000,000 AED – 40,000,000 AED

Estate agent pitch: An upgraded well preserved late-Gothic manor house. Breathtaking sunset views, suits of armour, and antique butler.

Facilities: Gym, trophy room, parking for car/boat/bike/Batplane/Batmobile, maids quarter, elevator, private pool.

Drawbacks: The first supermarket is miles away.

For a quick sale: Turn the basement into a nightclub.

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Superman’s Fortress of solitude


Location: The Desert

Type: Land

Estimated buying price: 10,000,000 AED – 20,000,000 AED

Estate agent pitch: Minimalist cool meets Kryptonian bling in this spacious open-plan eco retreat. South-facing windows on all sides.

Facilities: State-of-the-art entertainment system,

Drawbacks: No cooling, electricity, wi-fi, doors, walls, etc. Terrible transport connections (but who need transport connections when you can fly). Summer temperatures could affect value.

For a quick sale: Build a house.

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Hal Jordan’s apartment in Green Lantern


Location: Dubai Marina

Type: Apartment

Estimated buying price: 1,500,000 AED – 1,800,000 AED

Estate agent pitch: Live the urban bachelor dream in this sought-after industrial loft-like apartment located in a fashionable part of Dubai.

Facilities: Fashionable exposed brickwork. Masculine, quasi-industrial interior aesthetic. Comes with own lantern.

Drawbacks: Lighting options limited; any colour you like as long as it’s green.

For a quick sale: Change the colour.

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The Incredibles house


Location Al Barari

Type: Villa

Estimated buying price: 35,000,000 – 45,000,000 AED

Estate agent pitch: Retro chic mid-century modern villa with impeccable landscaping.

Facilities: Fully fitted kitchen. Modular open shelving. Trophy room.

Drawbacks: Conformist neighbours.

For a quick sale: Don’t change a thing!

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Iron Man’s retreat


Location: The Palm Jumeirah

Type: Villa

Estimated buying price: 17,000,00020,000,000AED

Estate agent pitch: Modern architecture meets high-tech in this stunning waterfront pad. Great sea views.

Facilities: Tennis courts, wrestling ring, extensive parking for vintage cars, entertaining facilities.

Drawbacks: Structurally vulnerable in high-impact combat situations. Large window-cleaning and pool cooling bills.

For a quick sale: Convert it into a boutique yoga retreat facility.

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