DIY: 6 cheap tricks to make your home look more expensive

Interior design is about perception. If you look at some homes designed by the world-famous interior experts, you’d find that the key to a beautiful home is the right use of space, light, and furniture. Make your house look more expensive and chic by following these simple tips:

Go flower-shopping

image of flowers

Whether fake or real, flowers instantly add life to a room; they brighten up the surroundings and give your home an organic look. Try to find good quality fake flowers and put them in stylish, yet not pricey, vases.

Colour those walls

image of colored walls

Plain white or off-white walls are not only boring, they also make your home look cheap. Try to experiment with color, even if you’re painting one wall only. Don’t be afraid, remember, you can always repaint it!

Hang your curtains high

image of high curtains

High curtains give the illusion of higher ceilings, and higher ceilings automatically make your house look more expensive. If you’re going for printed curtains, avoid horizontal lines and always opt for lighter colors.

Keep your eye on the floor

image of print rugs

Rugs, in general, add a center to the room, and print rugs are simply cool!

Replace your fluorescent bulbs

image of lights


Nothing cheapens a room more easily than bright, fluorescent lights. Even if you don’t want to buy new lamps and chandeliers, replace fluorescent bulbs with incandescent ones.

Frame your memories


Picture frames and wall art, in general, add class and sophistication to the walls. It doesn’t matter what shape, size or order you hang your frames in, you have the freedom to do that according to your personal taste. Print out pictures of your last vacation or even some posters of your favorite films, then buy a few frames, and you’re good to go!

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