DIY creative ways to re-use everyday items

Think outside the box. Have some thrifty fun with these eclectic tips to re-purpose ordinary furniture and accessories into fresh finds that add instant upgrades to your home.

Kitchen stool
Don’t throw out that old kitchen stool just yet; convert it into a bedside table or a nightstand instead.

Old chairs and trunks
Is there a chair with a torn seat or an old trunk lying around somewhere in the house? Don’t you dare giving up on them just yet, they’d actually make nifty nightstands – apart from adding character and a nice storage option for your bed linen and night time reading.

Suitcase side table

Dish towels
Who needs new placemats? Use your old colourful, easy wash-and-dry dish towels instead.

Your stepladder had probably served you well for many years; give it some extra life by using the vertical rungs as shelves for your books, picture frames, linen or lamps.















Binder clips

Here’s a clever use of your binder clips. Store sets of napkins clipped together and to keep them organised when you need them during dinnertime.


Need to add colour to your blank walls? Instead of buying new art, try hanging some old plates by creating an interesting pattern with larger platters at the centre and bottom. Or you could take a cue from your collection and try a carefree, asymmetrical arrangement using mismatched plates for a more original, funky effect.

It’s a wrap!
Did the end of last year called for some decluttering/recycling? Get resourceful by making your own gift wrap using old calendar pages.

Old cutlery
Do you happen to have mismatched silverware? Use stray forks and spoons by bending them into a hook and fixing them to the wall to hang pictures, keys or towels.

Old cutlery

Picture frames
Are there a lot of empty photo frames sitting around your apartment? Old picture frames can easily double up as handy glass serving trays for your cocktails and snacks, for the picture-perfect evening. For a dash of colour, try replacing the filler with decorative paper that goes with your food or drink servings.

Picture frame tray

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