Dubai Marina Shark to leave Marina due to high rental prices. This is how we can help

This happened this weekend:

A whale shark visied Dubai Marina.

Whale Shark _Dubai Marina_280805 (13)1

It then created its own Twitter account from which it tweeted this:


Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 2.05.34 PM
Like all new-comers to Dubai, our friend clearly needs some property advice.

That’s when comes in:

Based on a Whale Shark’s specs, here are a few suggestions to help him find the perfect place.

1. Whale sharks move slowly

snailshark by locopuff

So we suggest an area far from the hustle and homely.

Suggestion: Motor City, Discovery Gardens, Dubai Silicon Oasis starting from 45,000AED

2. They eat fish

Shark Cartoon by Phil Watson

 This means the Dubai Marina Shark would need to live somewhere close to seafood restaurants.

Suggestion: Deira Creek starting from 45,000AED

3. They need a lot of room

Sleeping shark bag

The average whale shark is around 12m long and weighs approximately 15 tons. This indicates that it might need to find an apartment big enough to fit him.

Suggestion: 2 bedroom apartments in Dubai starting from 70,000AED.




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