Dubai Safari Park: Let the Adventure Begin!

Isn’t watching the wild animals on National Geographic impressive? Now, you can see them in real life at Dubai Safari Park. It’s a park where many wild animals from different origins and species are found. 

We think this is the most thrilling outing you can go with your family or friends. You’ll have a totally new and unforgettable experience at Safari Park; come on let’s know more about this outstanding park! 

Safari Park Dubai


It’s located in Al Warqa 5, Dubai. Safari Park’s location is carefully chosen to suit the animals’ nature so they can adapt easily. 

Reaching Dubai Safari Park’s address is very easy; you can take the metro or bus as the park is near Al Warsan 1, Eppco 2 bus station, and metro line 1.


This iconic park features all the amenities you will need through this fantastic experience making it more enjoyable and memorable.

  • Restaurant 
  • Kiosk 
  • Children changing room
  • Toilets 
  • Souvenirs shop 
  • Prayer rooms
  • First aid. 

Dubai Safari Park Ticket Price

You can book Dubai Safari Park tickets online through their official website, making it easy for you instead of going to the outlets.  

  • Dubai Safari Park Ticket
    • Adult: AED 50
    • Child: AED 20 
  • Dubai Safari Park Combo Ticket
    • Adult: AED 85
    • Child: AED 30.

Children under 3 years old have no entry fee for Dubai Safari Park.

Dubai Safari zoo

Dubai Safari Park Villages and Attractions

Dubai Safari Park’s map is divided into different villages according to the animals’ origins. You will find various and distinctive creatures in each village. 

Touring the park is so exciting and enjoyable where you’ll see those animals for the first time! 

Check below to know more about each village and the other spots you can tour at Safari Park: 

1. Arabian Village 

When you hear Arabian Village the first thing that comes to your mind is desert and camels, right? It’s not exactly how it really looks. There are various kinds of animals that live across the Middle East, not just camels! 

At the Arabian Village, you’ll find the Arabian Gazelle with pretty wide eyes, the Arabian Oryx with its very long horns, the white Addax, and the Sand Gazelle.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Don’t miss meeting those amazing animals! 

Safari Park attractions

2. African Village 

At the African Village, you can see the animals that live on the African continent, those extremely wild ones! You will meet the huge White Lions, yellow Giraffes, and big African Elephants.

Imagine being near those creatures; it is really mind-blowing and thrilling! 

During the tour, the guides will help you spot all the animals. This is because some of the animals may be shy while visitors are around! 

Other Animals in the African Village: 

  • Gorilla
  • Reptile House 
  • Flamingos 
  • Tortoise 
  • Cape Hunting Dog 
  • Chacma Baboon
  • Mixed Antelope
  • Bongo
  • Meerkat 
  • Cheetah
  • Pygmy Hippo
  • Lemur.
Dubai animal safari

3. Asian Village 

This one includes a wide diversity of species and animals; it’s the perks of Asia. The edgy looking Tigers, playful Gibbons, strong black Moon Bears, and more wonderful animals are waiting for you there. 

You won’t just enjoy watching them, but the park’s expert guides will tell you a lot of information about them and how they live; isn’t this interesting? 

Other Animals in the Asian Village: 

  • Cassory 
  • Bird of Prey Square.
Dubai Safari Park entry fee

4. Explorer Village 

How about extra action and thrill? Why not! It’s at the Explorer Village which is a significant spot at Dubai Safari Park. You will closely see the African and Asian animals while riding comfortable and well-equipped buses.

At the Explorer Village, you will find the animals at their original home setting to feel like you’re in a forest! There’s the Giraffe platform, Hippo aquarium, and Cheetah Run Area; it really can’t get more compelling! 

Other Animals in the Explorer Village: 

  • Lion 
  • Cape Buffalo 
  • Cheetah 
  • Crocodile
  • Hippo Aquarium
  • Giraffe
  • Kudu
  • Sambar Deer
  • Barbary Sheep
  • Hyena 
  • Ostrich
  • Zebra 
  • Tiger 
  • Rhinoceros
  • Tiger
  • Scimitar-Horned Oryx.
Dubai Safari Park

5. Kids Farm

After the excitement, you can spend a nice and quiet time at the Kids Farm. It includes our daily friendly animals like chicken, sheep, and ducks. You can now introduce to your little ones where they get their food. 

Not just that, they can feed them and take photos too!

Other Animals in the Kids Farm:

  • Pony
  • Donkey 
  • Aviary 
  • Goat.
Dubai Safari Park Al Warqa

Dubai Safari Park Opening Hours

Dubai Safari Park opening time is the same during the whole week. 

  • From 9 am to 5 pm

Dubai Safari Park Contact Details

If you have any further inquiries regarding the tickets’ prices and timings of Dubai Safari, you can contact them easily through: 

  • Dubai Safari Park contact number: 800 900.

It’s not an ordinary park; Dubai Safari Park is the ideal option if you want some change, excitement, and thrill. After knowing all these details, you have no excuses; let your inner adventurer lead and book your tickets now!

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