Eid Al Adha dates announced: what can go wrong while you’re on leave, and how can you avoid it

Eid dates were announced yesterday, which would (so conveniently) fall on Thursday, September 24. This means that both public and private sectors will enjoy at least four days off, starting from Wednesday, September 23, all the way to Sunday, September 27.

So, you’re all packed and ready for your much-deserved 4-day getaway. What could go wrong, right? Well, according to general probability and luck, everything. Here are all the things that could ruin your vacation, and what can you do to prevent them. 


What could go wrong?

If you forget to switch off any electronic appliances, you will not only receive a massive DEWA shock the next month, but you could also come back to a burnt down house. 

electricity bill

How to avoid it?

Write a check list of all the appliances you need to switch off before you leave, and unplug all electronics. 

Air Conditioner

What could go wrong?

When the weather is hot, turning off the air conditioner can do more expensive damage than your DEWA bill. Heat and humidity accumulating in closed places  can damage wooden furniture some electronic devices.

sad couch

How to avoid it?

Set your AC on an auto timer to keep the house at a reasonable temperature (i.e. 25 celcius). Don’t worry, this won’t affect your electricity bills significantly.


What could go wrong?

They could die.

dead house plant

How to avoid it?

If you’re planning on being gone for just the weekend, then you shouldn’t worry much unless you are housing some demanding exotic plants. In that case you’re advised to ask a friend to come by and water them daily. Another method of watering plants while you’re gone is soaking…


What could go wrong?


Home Alone

How to avoid it?

If you have felines, fish, or birds living in your home, then all you need to do is ask a friend to feed them and clean their litter boxes. However, if you have a dog, you cannot simply leave them at home. They will get lonely and might seek revenge from your couch. Before planning your vacation, ask your friends if one of them is willing to take your dog in while you’re gone. As your last resort, you could ask someone to come over twice a day to walk the dog and feed it. 


What could go wrong?

If you’re going on vacation for longer than 5 days, your car battery might die if you don’t regularly start it.

sad car

How to avoid it?

Ask a friend (the same friend who comes by to water your plants and feed your pets) to start the car engine for a couple of minutes every couple of days.

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