Hatta’s Got a Brand New Plan

The mountainous Hatta has put into action a AED 1.3 billion development plan for the next 10 years. Located in the Hajar Mountains, it is already known as a tourist attraction but now it will transform into a topnotch eco-tourism destination in the UAE.



Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid’s plans are set to blow you away once again. Put your adventure boots on because Hatta will construct mountain tracks for hikers and bikers and green areas for sports camps in the winter. We predict the new Hatta will also be a favourite for yoga enthusiasts and sky divers.

Hatta has a long-standing history and the new project will restore archaeological sites to preserve the area’s rich heritage. Hatta’s old village has two 18th century military towers and the Juma mosque, built in 1780.



What about property development plans, we hear you ask? More than 600 houses will be built in just the next two years, with a focus on selling them off to Emiratis. The first of its kind in the GCC hydroelectric power station in Hatta will have water sourced from the Hajar Mountains and its fertile land will mean farmers will be feeding you the freshest of produce. Let’s be honest, we are glad the UAE is focusing on building on nature than another skyscraper.

Cultured folks will also be happy to know that you can learn more about Hatta’s local community when it holds its annual Hatta Cultural Festival. It will act as an intellectual platform, bringing in both local and international interest.

Hatta will be a great place to live if you love the UAE and want to be part of its lush natural landscapes and rich heritage. There will also be great business initiatives from the youth as the government plans on supporting them to set up their own trade projects.



Even if you work in Dubai, it’s only a 40-minute short drive away on roads hugged by the mountains. Air quality, drinking from the mountains, an active lifestyle and history wrapped up in a pretty UAE bow. Consider our bags packed.


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