Home buyers view property while on a roller coaster!

Buying your first home may be an emotional roller coaster ride. Literally, in some cases!

image of roller coaster viewing

Starting from the viewing, real estate agents can make the home-buying experience a very authentic one. A Dutch brokerage firm has come up with a fun alternative for home buyers to view properties by using a roller coaster. Owning a pad involves splashing a serious amount of hard-earned cash. They’ve installed an actual mini roller coaster track inside and outside a seller’s home and created a TV ad that shows clients plunging down into each of the bedrooms, garage and through the garden.

Prospective buyers hop into individual buggies to go on a whirlwind circuit through the property. The customized roller coaster begins by pulling guests up a staircase through the lower levels, before bringing them to the kitchen, living room, and all the bedrooms to experience the home in an all-new way. Buyers are then taken outside on the track where they experience an unexpected drop as they circle back toward the front door. The ride gradually increases in intensity, taking guests through sharp bends and a hairpin turn toward the finish.

image of rollercoaster

Watch the video below of clients getting whisked through the property. Uploaded in November, the indoor roller coaster clip has already generated close to 2 million views. Now, this is how you sell a house

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