Keep your home cool & your bills low this summer

The hot season is slowly creeping upon us, and before you know it, your house will turn into a sticky sauna if left unprepared. compiled a list of tricks to help you fight off the scorching heat while cutting down bills.

Make improvements


Control the amount of sun rays entering your home: avoid unwanted heat by keeping the windows and blinds closed during the day, and instead air out the house at night.

Consider window infills: if you’re looking for a long term investment, you should consider window infills. This means you get customized layers of glass that include gasses that isolate and absorb the heat.

Seal off air-conditioner ducts: get rubber foam to seal off any holes and spaces between the walls, doors and windows. You have precious cool air indoors which you don’t want to lose.

Eat raw: summer is your chance to eat less steak and more salads. Avoid using the stove as much as you can, especially during the day. You could also cook at night for days ahead.

Cut the bills


Cut off the cooling system in your pool: in order to keep your pool cooled when it’s 46 degrees outside, you would need to use unimaginable amounts of electricity, and even then the heat would be too unbearable to enjoy a swim.

Regularly clean your air conditioning units: clean air conditioners require far less energy and engine power to operate, and therefore will save you some dirhams.

Use the ‘Auto’ mode: instead of turning your AC on and off repeatedly, place it on auto mode and let it regulate the temperature.

Turn off unused electronic devices: even when not in use, plugged-in electronic devices, a. use electricity, and b. add unwanted heat.


Plant trees around the house: trees and plants around the house, especially in front of your windows, will absorb unwanted sun rays and keep your home relatively cooler.

Put away the rugs: rugs are for winter, unless you have a skinned animal lying on your floor.

More plants and less furniture: the more clutter and furniture you have around the house, the more heat these object emit and the more cooling they require. Get rid of unused furniture and fill your home with greenery instead.

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