Meet our Abu Dhabi Outstanding Agent for October 2017: Johanna De Brok from McCone Properties 

In October, Johanna De Brok from McCone Properties closed 18 deals, 6 sales totaling just over AED 15 million and 12 rentals.


“I wanted to nominate Johanna, my mum, for this award not only because of the great month that she had in October but for all the work she has put in over the years. In such a competitive industry, it is extremely refreshing to be able to work so closely with someone that cares so much for her clients and always prioritizes their needs above all else.”

Sam McCone, Managing Director

“McCone Properties is a company setting the standards in the market, especially when it comes to customer service. It has been a pleasure to work so closely with them for more than three years and to see the amazing developments year after year. Johanna winning the Outstanding Agent Award was just a matter of time, she is one of the most professional and hard-working real estate agents I have crossed paths with. Closing 18 deals in a month is simply outstanding, very well done and deserved.”

Marcello Foitinho, Senior Account Manager


Q&A with Johanna De Bock

Johanna moved to Dubai 26 years ago from Belgium, and has witnessed firsthand the evolution of Dubai’s real estate market. Although she comes from a sales background, Johanna’s most prominent job has been as a mother, raising five children – one of whom is now her boss! Sam McCone, the Managing Director of McCone Properties, started the company in 2013. Sam not only has his mum on team, but his younger brother, too. Johanna’s plans for the future are as family-fueled as McCone Properties: she is looking forward to closing deals, growing old with her husband and the prospect of grandchildren.

What do you think contributed to your success on this deal?

What contributed to this the success of this deal is what I believe I owe every successful deal to: People skills, hard work and determination. Honesty is the most important element of a deal. You need to be transparent with your clients and ensure you are putting their needs first. A client’s needs and financial needs comes before you start to think about the sale or the commission. Only once the deal is complete will I allow myself to think about this side.

What is one thing you do as a broker that differentiates you from other brokers? 

Being a mum of 5 I’ve got a solid understanding of putting others needs and wants above my own, it also helps being a part of a company which not only naturally has this culture but promotes it – this is definitely an advantage.

What do you think makes a good agent in the UAE market?

Transparency. There is a lot of competition in the UAE market and all agents tend to get tarnished with the same brush. It’s important to therefore put clients minds at ease by always being honest, open and knowledgeable.

How has Propertyfinder helped your company win in the digital marketing space?
Propertyfinder works for us in many ways but the most useful is the genuine leads which are generated.

Finish this open-ended sentence “I love Dubai because…”

It has given me and my family great opportunities.

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