Most Affordable Communities to Buy in Abu Dhabi — Introducing Al Reef and Al Ghadeer

Many factors come into play when choosing to purchase a home – commuting times, proximity to schools if there are little ones (or moody teens!) involved, balcony versus garden etc. but any list of considerations will always be topped by affordability and value for money.

With Abu Dhabi historically known for being more expensive than neighbouring Dubai, we had a dig through our last six months of property data on* to hunt down some affordable options. What our intrepid researcher, Carla Issa, found is that Al Ghadeer and Al Reef are the most affordable communities.

Check out her deep-dive into prices for villas and apartments for sale below.

Most Affordable Communities to Buy in Abu Dhabi

Villas for Sale

In-line with the rest of the UAE, villas for sale in Abu Dhabi have witnessed significant price drops in the last 24 months (Source: Property Finder Trends Vol. 4), “leading many to call this climate, a “buyers’ market“.

If you are looking to purchase a bargain villa or townhouse in the UAE’s capital, a comfortable 2-bedroom in Al Ghadeer is your best bet at AED 1.1 million while you can score an additional bedroom for an extra AED 300,000 (3-bedroom AED 1.4 million). 

Abu Dhabi Villas for Sale in Al Ghadeer and Al Reef

Al Reef, adjacent to Yas Island is slightly pricier at 1.36 million for a 2-bedroom villa and AED 1.6 million for a 3-bedroom villa. If you are commuting to Dubai often, Al Reef may be worth the extra spend for you.

Needing something a bit larger? AED 2.1 million will get you a 4-bedroom in Al Reef while for an extra AED 350,000 you can get a 5-bedroom (AED 2.45 million) in the same area for less than a smaller property in the pricier areas of Al Raha Gardens (4-bedroom AED 2.9 million) or Al Reem (4-bedroom AED 3.2 million).

To put all of this in perspective, you would pay more than double these prices in Saadiyat Island where the average 2-bedroom villa is AED 2.6 million, and a 4-bedroom will set you back a hefty AED 6.8 million.

Villas for Sale in Saadiyat Island, Al Raha Gardens, and Al Reem

Apartments for Sale

If tower living is more your thing, Abu Dhabi apartments for sale have remained far more stable than apartments for rent. Al Reef is down 14.2% compared to two years ago, whereas Al Ghadeer is down 6.3%. (Source: Property Finder Trends Vol. 4)

Abu Dhabi Apartments for Sale in Al Ghadeer and Al Reef

For a quaint studio, Al Ghadeer has options for AED 455,000 about AED 115,000 less than Al Reef (AED 670,000).

If you are looking for a 1-bedroom, prices increase by about 20%. A 1-bedroom in Al Ghadeer is AED 675,000 and AED 799,000 in Al Reef compared to the pricier alternative: AED 1.45 million on Saadiyat Island.

Al Ghadeer is still the most economical for 2-bedrooms at AED 950,000 compared to AED 1.2 million in Al Reef for the same size. For comparison purposes, prices are more than double on Saadiyat Island at AED 2.45 million.

A 3-bedroom will average AED 1.5 million in Al Reef, meaning you could literally buy 2 apartments in this highly searched community for the price of 1 on Saadiyat Island (AED 3.1 million)!

So if you’re looking to purchase a pad in the Capital, prices are in your favour in Al Ghadeer and Al Reef.
*Prices mentioned are based on average prices for these communities as listed on for the 6 month period from January to June 2018.

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