The Outstanding Agent Award goes to… Mostafa Afifey from Al Hessin Real Estate in Ajman — June 2019

With over 15 years of real estate experience, hard work and a keen eye for detail, Mostafa Afifey from Al Hessin Real Estate has become a much sought-after agent in Ajman.

Congratulations! Tell our audience about your latest achievement, which is the reason why you won this month’s Outstanding Agent Award for Ajman.

I clinched six good value sales in Al Rawda and Al Muwaihat in Ajman each one worth AED 1.6 million.

Tell our audience THREE things that set you apart from other agents? Why should they give YOU a call when looking for a property in Ajman?

Honesty, customer service and trust.

What is the ONE piece of advice you’d give to agents who are new in the market, or are struggling to close their deals?

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

How long have you been using Property Finder? What are the THREE key benefits you see from being Property Finder’s client? How do you use them to your advantage as an agent?

I have been using Property Finder for three years. The three key benefits are:

  • Reaching a larger audience base
  • Never missing any leads because I use Lead Tracker
  • Easy to put up listings as I use MyCRM

What does winning the Outstanding Agent Award mean to you? Why would you recommend others to enter?

It means a lot to me and gives me a huge motivation to do better in the coming months. Winning this award from the best property portal in the UAE is a privilege for any real estate broker.

Ahmed Elsharkawi, Account Manager at Property Finder with Mostafa Afifey from Al Hessin Real Estate

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