PF Buyer’s and Renter’s Guides Are OUT! 🏡

You read correct! Property Finder brings to you the Buyer’s and Renter’s Guide! You may download them now in pdf format from our website! And they are distributed on Dubai’s brokers!


Buyer’s and Renter’s Guide

These guides have everything a home seeker needs to learn to make the right decision according to his or her needs, starting from how to begin, considering your budget, to moving in your new home! Reading both guides helps you decide whether the best decision is to buy a new home or rent one, based on your options. 

Renter’s Guide

The renter’s guide is an amazing guardian angel to those who are looking to rent a home in Dubai. It breaks down the process into steps, so you save a lot of time and effort to start looking for the home you need. The guide helps you decide on the budget you can afford, which leads to learning which areas in Dubai you can rent a home at. 

Then it continues on giving tips on which property to choose, and how to handle the moving.

Buyer’s Guide

The Buyer’s Guide also takes you step by step from the beginning. It starts with helping you decide on the type of home you need, alerts you to the other payments you need to put in consideration besides the house price, and what purpose you want the house for; whether it is to live or to invest. Another thing the guide helps with is giving you tips on the different areas in Dubai and what lifestyle to expect. The guide gives you thorough information that makes the process so much easier, and way more organized.

What are you waiting for? Go and download your copy now!

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