Property Finder launches detailed location-based searches

Our maps will pinpoint properties in users’ favoured locations, amenities and transport stops nearby

Property Finder has signed an exclusive partnership with 2GIS UAE, a search company, to bring important real estate data to life in a visual way. This innovation-driven partnership will help make user searches more visual and provide them with a geographic and more informed way to search for properties.

2GIS will further power Property Finder’s Map Search feature to provide granular information on what’s available in a property’s vicinity during a user’s search, on the website, our mobile apps and our CRMs.

Besides the more detailed information of an individual property or tower listed on Property Finder, users will also be able to access a large volume of points of interest such as Metro stations, community centres, retail centres, restaurants, mosques, nurseries, schools and clinics with the updated location-based search feature.

The firm, which is the official data provider to the governments of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ajman, also provides property seekers with detailed information on companies operating in a community of their choice, including address, phone number and working hours. This will help users make the most of their living experience in a community.  

Most detailed map

Partnering with 2GIS helps Property Finder provide the most detailed, reliable and interactive city map in the current market. Users can gain more transparency on a property listing by using our map, rich in information, at the heart of their search experience.

Until now, such information was hard to come by on a common platform, with users often depending on disparate sources to gather all the finer details required to make their property purchase or rental decision. By incorporating map information into users’ search experience, Property Finder aims to create better informed consumers as well as help the business of our B2B clients. Our location-based search feature will be an additional tool that will help consumers make the right property rental and purchase decisions.

Property Finder will use 2GIS’ expertise to make its listings more accessible, convenient and user-friendly to property seekers. The collaboration with the technology solutions company will improve the user experience on Property Finder’s products.

With many users on Property Finder’s platform being new to the UAE and unsure of where to begin their property search journey, a detailed Map Search will provide them with greater visibility of pricing and availability, and the locality of amenities, attractions and schools in the vicinity. 
In a constantly evolving and dynamic country like the UAE, Property Finder users will be updated on street names, villa numbers and towers, new restaurants, public transportation, parks, services and companies with the location-based search feature.

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