propertyfinder in 2015: educational and networking events

2015 was filled with educational and corporate events. Let’s take a look at the most important events of the year:

CEO Business Breakfast

Our roundtable breakfast meetings were a huge success throughout the year, with pre-nominated CEO’s attending from a variety of real estate brokerages sitting together to discuss industry market updates. Whether it was new product piloting or taking feedback on current products and events, the meetings were filled with lively discussion and positive outcomes. We look forward to releasing the 2016 dates very soon!

Broker Education Training

broker education training

Broker Education Training is an extremely popular event, hosted quarterly in form of interactive seminars for real estate agents. Overbooked each time, the seminars focus on providing excellent customer service in the real estate sector.

Topics include customer service best practices, how to affirm and exceed client expectations and how to ask for references.

Approximately 250 agents attended our Broker Education Training in 2015 and brought their professionalism to the next level. Make sure you won’t miss the next seminar and contact us at

Dedicated Back End Training

Back-End Training is strongly recommended for agents, admins, managers and marketing teams to understand the product better, improve the listing quality and therefore increase the number of leads and commissions. We also focus on how to use statistics to clients advantage.

In 2015, over 1,000 real estate professionals took advantage of the training and gained knowledge and skills to master effective property listings and to use to its fullest extent. The immediate impact is impressive – higher quality scores and more inquiries resulted in more transactions.

Book your training today by emailing

Investment Seminar


It is always a hot topic in the UAE: whether it is a good time to invest into property or not. After identifying an information gap, hosted its first Property Investment Seminar.  A VIP panel of expert professionals in the field of real estate were invited as speakers to shed light on pressing questions regarding real estate investment. Free registration for the public made the seminar an extremely popular and fully booked event with over 300 participants in the audience.

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