8 reasons to fall in love with Dubai – all over again

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we turn our attention to love.

Let’s face it, living in Dubai can sometimes make you feel like you’re in a rocky relationship. The not-so-good bits are annoying, but the good bits are…oh so good. We look into our inner cupid to focus on reasons why to fall in love with this amazing city all over again, the kind of love we found as newcomers in Dubai. Stuck in the city on a day like this should not necessarily mean your day can’t be as special as you imagine it to be. These are a few tips of how you could pamper yourself and your loved ones.

valentine's day flowers



1. Fling yourself from a plane or better, fly them above the city 

Enjoy the thrill of floating through the air with great views of the Palm Jumeirah at Skydive Dubai. Each tandem jump includes photos and a video of your dive so you can savor the memory forever! Does this not sound like your thing? Take your V-day treats to another level, with a helicopter tour over Dubai.

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image of the Palm aerial aerial view

2. Take a cultural trip around the world

Are you and your other half share love for museums and history? Head to the Dubai Museum at the old Al Fahidi Fort or the Bastakiya for great Arabic coffee and art and jewelry made by local artists. Fancy seeing an art show? Meander through masterpieces at DIFC’s art galleries that feature exclusive fine art, antiques and contemporary work. Then there’s also Al Quoz. Don’t be deceived by the cement factories, warehouses, and labor camps; the area is home to numerous contemporary art galleries such as Al Serkal Avenue, a hub for artists worldwide.

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3. Get dizzy on sugar

No other sweet says New York like a cheesecake. Do a quick desert run to the other side of the world in a New-York minute by simply visiting the infamous Cheesecake Factory at the Dubai Mall. With a selection of more than 30 flavors – from plain to white chocolate caramel latte to key lime and calorific pasta and sandwiches – it is the place to go to crush those sugar cravings or simply get all of your daily calories in one meal. Serendipity, by City Walk – the new hot-spot, could work as well.

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4. Have an over-the-top dinner

At AT.MOSPHERE, the world’s highest restaurant perched on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, But don’t just go for the view, although if you make it by 6pm, you can see Dubai’s skyline during sunset, which by itself does worth the hassle of rushing. You should give a try to the food as well. The prices are steep, but for sheer decadence, the chocolate mousse with bitter chocolate sorbet and caramelized hazelnut can’t be beaten.

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image of Atmosphere


5. A dreamy meal with the Burj Al Arab as a backdrop 

You can’t put a price on love, instead mix in some splurges alongside some simpler pleasures. Fill up your belly with some relish fried fish on the beach with the Burj Al Arab as a backdrop at Ibn Al Bahar, at the Palm. It’s insanely messy and undoubtedly delicious and although it may take a while to sink your teeth into the food, the gorgeous views of the beach and Burj Al Arab make the wait all the more worthwhile.

image of the Burj Al Arab


6. Blast back to the seafaring days

Head towards Bur Dubai and the Dubai Creek in the evening and take an abra across the other side of the river for just one dirham. There’s nothing like a ride on these tiny, noisy boats to enjoy the creek and rediscover the areas that have made Dubai the city that it is today.

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7. Tap into storybook charms at Al Qasr 

Truly “the Palace” and designed to reflect a Sheikh’s summer residence, this hotel in Madinat Jumeirah, with its swaying palm trees, beautiful rugs, and furniture also gives the impression of an actual palace. But what it’s really known for is its stand-out restaurants and lounges, including Pierchic, set on its own pier. Breathlessly romantic, the spot is made for long hours of reveling in the views and if you’re really feeling it, why not a proposal?!

al qasr madinat jumeirah pool


8. Wind down at the beach

Bliss out on Dubai’s beaches, which have enough nooks and crannies for you to uncover your own secluded patch of sand. The best part: almost all of them are totally free. The JBR, Kite Surf, and Jumeirah Open Beach are few of the popular ones. And you don’t need to stock up on grub; there are numerous eateries and stores to choose from.

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Paris has its lights and London its misty Thames. But Dubai? Well, we whine and moan about how it’s all about “bigger is better”, chic beach clubs and designer malls. And sometimes, you’ll find people longing not for the great love who got away, but for the gorgeous apartment that slipped through their fingers. Finding a well-priced apartment in Dubai may, after all, be harder to find than a soul mate in this city. So, if you’ve loved and lost in real estate, don’t fret just yet.

There’s certainly much more to Dubai than meets the eye, you just need to know where to take a look.


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