Road Upgrade Ends Traffic Jams Between Sharjah and Dubai

A brand-new road project costing AED 500 million is set to ease travel congestion for those living and working between the two emirates, Sharjah and Dubai.

Spanning 12 kilometers, the Tripoli Road project will link Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road once completed. It will offer thousands of commuters’ wider options of travel with three-lane flyovers from each direction.

image of Sharjah Road
Photo Source: The National

Built for the Tripoli-Nouakchott and Tripoli-Academic City roads junctions, the new extension will include four interchanges, three bridges, and a tunnel. This is a sure sign that the 12,000 an hour motorists who will pass through will now experience round-the-clock movement.

The expansion will be running alongside the Airport Road Improvement Project and both projects will see a 30 percent reduction in traffic flow, as well as a cutback on waiting times at the junctions from three to one minute. Both projects are costing AED 1 billion together and will majorly improve journeys for airport passengers and drivers.

Currently, motorists experience heavy delays at peak hours, facing up to 4-hour daily routes. Some have even adopted tricks to ease their time behind the wheel. Many use two cars, parking one in Dubai and the other in Sharjah, then walking across from Al Mamzar, where the two emirates meet, shaving 90 minutes off. Other anti-joyrides include the toll of the school semester starts, which brings cars at a gridlock.

image of traffic jam

Traffic jams are also bad for the economy, with an estimated AED 4.6 billion lost time and fuel, according to the RTA. It also cannot do much for your eagerness to start the day when your commute to work lasted through the whole ’50 hits of the noughties’ on the radio.

There are now very few alternatives to avoid the traffic between Sharjah and Dubai. Even taking different routes to reduce time spent in your car is seeing bumper-to-bumper disappointed faces.

That is why the new expansion project will benefit not only your sanity and give you the extra hour in bed, but also improve safety on roads and keep the air cleaner.

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