Save Money on Coffee

Save Money on Coffee

Step into a coffee shop on a morning and you’ll see lots of folks loading up for a cup. Most of us start our day with caffeine, but how many of us step back and think about the toll it takes on the wallet? Bringing in coffee everyday or even a few times each week can add up. If you love your java too much to give it up, it’s possible to keep costs down and still enjoy the caffeine jolt. Try these ideas and start saving a bundle.

Make it at home
The best way to save money on coffee is to brew it at home. Invest in a good coffee maker and you’ll soon the savings pile up. Let’s run the numbers. Say you spend AED 15 on a cappuccino, 25 days of the month. That’s 4,500 dirhams saved over the year and a mini vacation! Once you get into the habit of setting up your coffee machine, it will be just as easy as walking into the coffee shop and picking up your cup.

Don’t brew more than you can drink
If you end up throwing away leftover coffee in the pot, you’re probably making more than what you can consume.

Simplify your order
That delicious, multi-layered Macchiato topped by a dense, creamy foam may give you gooey goodness with every sip but it will also cost you, big time. Instead, when you visit the café, ask for plain coffee or a simple drip, which is usually a third or a half of the cost of a latte or cappuccino and much less than a specialty drink. When you keep it simple, you also keep the money.

Try Dunkin Donuts instead of Starbucks
Get a cup from a lower-end chain instead of a gourmet brand. The coffee isn’t bad at all and the price is dramatically lower too.

Buy a smaller drink
Most people order a large or medium cup only to drink half of it. If you can’t curb the habit of visiting your café every day, consider getting a small drink. Not only will it help you drink less coffee, you’ll also save some money.

Take advantage of free coffee at work
If your office offers free coffee, take advantage of it. While the coffee might not be your favourite brand or flavour, you’ll have bucks left for a midday snack.

Drink less coffee
Or better still, ditch the caffeine. Exercising and eating fruit can give you more energy than caffeine and add pep to your step too.