What Consumers are Searching for in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is the most searched community on Propertyfinder.ae

From the Property Finder research team, it was found that overall, Dubai Marina is the most searched for community on Propertyfinder.ae for those looking to buy or rent in the month of October. If we dig deeper into Property Finder demand data we found the following:

For users who run a ‘buy’ search

For the month of October, Dubai Marina had about 25% more searches than Downtown Dubai and the Palm Jumeirah for those looking to buy.

The top search for users indicating size is for a 1-bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina with nearly 100,000 searches for October alone.

For users who are indicating a price within their buy search, Dubai Marina is the second most searched community with a maximum price of AED 1,500,000.

For users who are detailing the size and a maximum price, a 1-bedroom apartment for a maximum price of AED 1,500,000 in Dubai Marina is the second highest search.

When looking at searches where users indicated the community, size and also a specific building, the seventh highest search during the month of October was for a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina’s Park Island. Similarly, for users who didn’t include size, but community and building, the ninth highest search was Dubai Marina’s Park Island.

For users who are indicating community, sub-community and a maximum price, nothing in Dubai Marina made the top ten searches, but it did make the top 15 with Dubai Marina’s Marina Diamonds for AED 1,100,000.

Just out of the top ten, users who indicated a community, sub-community, a maximum price as well as size searched for a 2 bedroom in Dubai Marina’s Marina Diamonds for a maximum of AED 1,100,000.

For those running a ‘rent’ search

A 2-bedroom for rent in Dubai Marina was the most searched for in October.

For those just searching for a community to rent in general, Dubai Marina was also the most searched for, with nearly 17% of all searches.

For those with a place and price in mind, Dubai Marina had the most searches indicating a maximum annual rent of AED 100,000.

For those who have place, price and size in mind, a 1 bedroom in Dubai Marina for a maximum of AED 100,000 per year topped the list.

Place, price and building in mind, Dubai Marina’s Marina Promenade was just out of the top 5 most searched buildings in October.


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