When do they search?

We looked at search trends on our portal to give you key insights into how and when would-be buyers and renters are on the prowl for your properties. If you want to be the next Awesome Agent, these browsing habits are essential guidelines for your success.


Call Leads: Weekdays Vs. Weekends

Weekdays are a busy time for calling enquiries. People tend to make most calls between 10am and 4pm, peaking at lunch time, between 11am and 1pm. Weekend peak times soar a little later and power through till 3pm, after which the hubbub gradually falls flat.



Tip: No missed calls.

Are you ready to pick up those important phone calls during peak hours? Minimise calls going to voicemail to help you sell or rent your properties as soon as they hit the market. Agents are expected to offer professional service and be property experts, that means you need to be available when the market is at full steam.


Email Leads: Weekdays Vs. Weekends

During the week, nearly 40% of email leads are sent between 9am and 3pm, with the highest volume at 11am.

Weekends have a slightly different pattern as people will generally take their time and wake up later. The majority of leads are being sent before lunch and in the evening, peaking at 11am and even more so after 5pm. Help prospects jump that property ladder by working within their timeframes.


Tip: The real estate market never sleeps.

Make sure your agents are checking their emails outside of the usual working hours, or on Sunday morning to ensure any weekend leads are answered first thing. This will give you an advantage over your competitors, which will have a big impact on the decisions they make when choosing their agent.


Leads by day of week

The majority of call and email leads are received during the week, especially from Tuesday through to Thursday. Friday, being the start of the weekend, is quietest of all, yet we see a pickup on Saturday.


Tip: Busy times call for busy offices.

It would be a good idea to have extra staff available when demand grows on busy days. You can ensure you won’t miss the latest hot leads from us! Additionally, make sure to make the most of our Call Tracking feature to minimise missed opportunities. Find out more on Call Tracking here.


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