Why you should consider moving to RAK, according to our Outstanding Agent for May

Meet Karen Lorraine from Hunt and Harris Real Estate, our Outstanding Agent in the Northern Emirates for May 2018.

Congratulations to Karen and the team at Hunt & Harris for winning the PF outstanding agent award. Very well deserved and its a great recognition for her efforts.

Mohamed Mosallam, Propertyfinder Regional Sales Manager

Karen had six deals contribute to her success this month, by thinking outside the box and holding an open house Karen secured a sale of a townhouse in Al Hamra Village. Her total transaction value was nearly AED 3 million. See what Karen puts in to get those kind of results in our video below.


This interview has been condensed for clarity.

Q&A With Karen Lorraine

Ewa: Welcome Karen, thank you for coming down to our headquarters in Dubai Media City! How long have you been in the industry and what area do you specialise in?
Karen: So I’ve been in real estate for about ten years. I started in Canada, and I’ve been in real estate in the UAE for five years. I’m a sales specialist in Al Hamra Village and Al Marjan Island, RAK.

Ewa: In your winning entry, Mark Richards who’s the Sales Director at Hunt & Harris, he nominated you for the award, he said that “you are never shy of working long hours and always available on evenings and weekends to assist clients”. Can you give us a specific example?
Karen: One of our overseas clients had a villa with a lot of difficulties surrounding it; it required a lot of extra time and effort outside of what we would normally do to get the sale through but we did get it through!

Ewa: Why do you think Ras Al Khaimah is a good place to buy or to invest?
Karen: I would say RAK is a good place to live and invest because of the attractions! The beaches, the mountains, the Guinness world record zip line and it’s just a laid-back resort style and community style community kind of living.

Ewa: If you could ask the Ministry of State for Happiness for just one thing, what would you request?
Karen: Well since I’m a mother of four children I understand what children need as far as development and recreation, I would ask the Ministry of Happiness for more parks and playgrounds and recreational centres with after-school programmes where they can learn things like swimming lessons, football, dance and all of those sorts of things.

Ewa: I can see that you’re super dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced so thank you so much for coming down and congratulations one more time for winning the award! I wish you all the success for the for the following months!

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