Your own slice of paradise: Here’s what (and where!) people are searching for in the UAE

Life is good here. But we don’t need to tell you that: what you search for tells us you already know.

Most UAE residents are just looking for a little slice of paradise: pools, a sea view, balconies. We don’t ask for much, huh?

In our latest edition of Propertyfinder Trends, we rounded up the top 10 communities, buildings, and keywords you guys searched for on our site.

Top searched keywords on UAE map

Top 10 searched keywords  Dubai Abu Dhabi   Northern Emirates
1 Pool Balcony New
2 Maid Pool Chiller Free
3 New Parking Pool
4 Balcony Maid Sea View
5 Metro New Balcony
6 Upgraded Pets Maid
7 Sea View Sea View Beach
8 Furnished Garden Pets
9 Garden Beach Owner
10 Study Furnished Parking

In Abu Dhabi, buildings on family-friendly, coastal Al Reem Island swept the Top 10 — taking all 10 spots for the most-searched.

The results reveal an allegiance to Al Reem in Abu Dhabi, but also a mix of high and low — the most popular communities are some of the most expensive (Saadiyat Island and Al Bateen, for example) mixed with the more affordable, like Mohammed Bin Zayed City.


Top Searches in Abu Dhabi

Height reigns in Dubai. Burj Khalifa and Princess Tower, the tallest residential building in the city and the second tallest in the world, took spots 1 and 2, respectively, for most-searched towers.

Similar to Abu Dhabi, the top-searched communities in Dubai are a mix of lux and price-conscious, with three of the most expensive places to live – the Marina, the Palm, and Downtown – taking the top 3 spots, while the more mid-range areas like Sports City, JVC, and Silicon Oasis also made the list.

Top Searches Dubai

In the home of the highest rental yields, the Northern Emirates favoured Sahara Towers one thru four, and beachside communities like Al Khan, Al Hamra Village, and Al Nahda.

Residents of the Northern Emirates love their coastline, but hate spending money on AC, as evidenced by the preference for coastal communities and the most common search term: chiller free.

Top searches Northern Emirates

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