Make owners choose you as their agent with these 5 tips

Want vendors and landlords to choose you to market their property?

Check out these 5 tips from Paul Spargo, Commercial Director at properyfinder Group.


Be the local expert

Property owners want agents to show that they understand everything there is to know about their local area, recognise who their property would be suitable for and know exactly what their property is worth. The more homes you have sold or rented in their area, the better.


What about price?

Whilst vendors are looking for the highest price and a quick transaction, tenants want the best / lowest price possible. They will, however, rely heavily on agents as the industry experts. If you haven’t already, verify your profile to appear on our Find Agent section – this will help potential customers find you quicker!


Get me, get my property

Local expertise and the right price is all about facts, figures and experience, emotions are essential in building the client-agent relationship. Property owners want agents to understand how desirable their home is and spot the key selling points. They need to see that you have a genuine interest in their property and are capable of securing the best price.


Give them the best exposure

Owners want their property to be visible to the largest audience. propertyfinder is the leading real estate portal in the UAE, attracting over 1.3 million visits every month. To ensure their properties stand out, I encourage you to keep your listings up to date, verifying them via Manager, adding full descriptions, quality photos and now also live tours, 3D View. Find out more about 3D View here


And finally, every customer is a potential buyer!

Offer excellent service and they will come back to you time and time again.

Paul spargo - propertyfinder

Paul Spargo

Commercial Director

propertyfinder Group

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