The Outstanding Agent Award goes to… Israa Al Tal from Smart Concept Real Estate in Abu Dhabi — December 2019

Working in the best interest of clients and placing their needs above all else is what drives Israa Al Tal in her job. Find out her secret of success and how it helped her win the Outstanding Agent Award for Abu Dhabi. 

The Outstanding Agent Award goes to Israa Al Tal from Smart Concept Real Estate in Abu Dhabi — December 2019

Congratulations! Tell our audience about your latest achievement, which is why you won this month’s Outstanding Agent Award for Abu Dhabi.

I have recently sold a 7-bedroom villa at Hidd Al Saadiyat, a 4-bedroom villa on Nurai Island, a 2-bedroom villa in Al Reef, a 3-bedroom townhouse in Yas Acres and a 5-bedroom villa in West Yas in deals worth approximately AED 40 million.

Tell our audience THREE things that set you apart from other agents and why should they call YOU when looking for a property in Abu Dhabi?

  • I come from an engineering background, which gives me the skills to understand what customers want.
  • I have 13 years of experience in real estate in sales, marketing and listing. This gives me the knowledge to negotiate and get the best deal for both parties (seller and buyer).
  • Honesty and trust.

What is the ONE piece of advice you’d give to agents who are new in the market or are struggling to close deals?

I believe in having a specialty, whether it is the project or the role (rent or sale). You must have full knowledge of the areas you specialise in to understand the customer’s needs. You have to keep up with the market and be well-versed in financing, listing and digital marketing.

How long have you been listing with Property Finder? What are the THREE key benefits you see from being Property Finder’s client? As an agent, how do you use them to your advantage?

I have been listing with Property Finder since 2008. The benefits are:

  1. To get exposure in the market 
  2. To know market trends all over the UAE
  3. To use Lead Tracker and Rent vs. Buy Calculator

What does winning the Outstanding Agent Award mean to you? Why would you recommend others to enter the contest?

It has been a great honour to win this Award not only for me but also for the smart concept team. I can’t do anything without their support and professionalism. We hope to win the Award again and again.

Sally Badran, Account Manager at Property Finder with Israa Al Tal from Smart Concept Real Estate

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