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5 tips on how to be the expert in YOUR area

Want to attract and win hot leads? Any agent can, with these top marketing tips.

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Liam Orange

- Principal Product Manager, Property Finder

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#1 Be discovered

Firstly, you need to be seen to attract potential customers. Once you pass your RERA exam, submit your documents to us and you’ll be featured as a Verified Agent on the Find Agent page. This page generates approx. 8% leads. Verifying your Agent Profile also makes your listings rank higher. Totally worth it!

#2 Be found by your target audience

In this competitive market, you need to let home-seekers know EXACTLY which areas you specialise in, to gain their attention. They know where they want to live, and they’re looking for agents who know their areas well. Do this through your Agent Profile.


#3 Know your client’s needs

A no-brainer. Get to know your customer’s preferences before pitching a property. Ask them simple questions about their criteria, e.g. # of bedrooms/bathrooms, minimum apartment size, high/low floor, preferred view? This shows that you care about their needs and are more likely to show them a property that is closer to what they are looking for. They will see you as their expert.

#4 Know your area inside out

It’s great to have a sound knowledge of the apartment floor plans, views and specifications. But, communities in Dubai are always evolving. So, visit the community often to stay up to speed on all the changes. This will inspire confidence in clients to choose you as their representative. 

#5 Use our marketing tools

Invest in your brand and get the Community Expert banner. Your Agent Profile will feature on Search Page Results, on our Community Guides or Building Reviews pages and you’re guaranteed to get enquiries from house-hunters searching for homes in areas you specialise in.

Send us an enquiry to check availability in your area. 

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