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Community Expert: top features and how it works

House hunters don’t always know who is the best agent to speak to when they’re searching for their next home, especially when they’re interested in a specific area. Help them find you and your listings quicker with Community Expert, designed for agents who specialise in a particular neighbourhood.

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Liam Orange

- Principal Product Manager, Property Finder

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How does Community Expert work?

With Community Expert you will stand out and outshine your competition by having your agent profile featured on pages with the highest traffic on Property Finder.

Who is Community Expert great for?

It’s great for agents who specialise in one (or more) areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates. Only qualified agents can purchase the Community Expert banner, as it’s exclusive to agents who really specialise in areas they have properties in.

Top four features:

#1 Appear at the top on Find Agent

When people search for agents in your area, for example when someone types “Dubai Marina“ and you specialise in it, your Agent Profile will feature right at the top.

#2 Get 25% SoV (Share of Voice) in all Search Results Pages

Meaning that your listings and your Agent Profile will be seen once in every four views.

#3 Appear on Building Review pages

If you purchase the Dubai Marina Community Expert banner, people looking to see building reviews for any tower in Dubai Marina will see your profile on this page.

#4 Appear on your Community Page

You will feature on our latest, interactive and filled with beautiful content Community Pages (in areas where you purchase Community Expert).


How much does it cost?
Prices vary between AED 500 – 1,500 depending on the community.

How do I pay?
You can pay with card, simply email to book.

Who can purchase the Community Expert banner?
Only qualified agents can purchase the Community Expert banner.

How do I know if I’m qualified?
When you log in to the Lead Tracker app, tap on the Profile tab. You will see a banner with the details of the community you are qualified in. If you do not see the banner it means you are not qualified. Don’t have Lead Tracker? Head over here to download the app.

What do I need in order to qualify?

  • Be a Verified Agent
  • Have high-quality listings – above 80% Quality Score
  • You need to be a specialist in that area, with a high number of listings in the area than other agents

How do I purchase Community Expert?
Email us at

How many slots are there available per community?
In each community, there are four slots available for rent and four for sale. So if you specialise in Dubai Marina rentals, you are one of four Community Expert in that area, so you have a 25% Share of Voice (SoV) 

How long is it valid for?
It is valid for the entire month you purchase it for. So for example, if you purchase it in April, you’ll be featured from 1st May.

How many months can I purchase it for?
You can purchase Community Expert on a month by month basis.

Do you provide reports/click-through statistics?
Yes, we do! When you become a Community Expert you will receive weekly reports, so you can monitor the performance, compare your leads from before and after you became a Community Expert, for you to assess the return on your investment.

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