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Get more leads by verifying your listing

Find out everything you need to know about Verified Listings from how to get your ‘Verified’ badge to what benefits you’ll get from this.

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Adam Hassan

- Head of Quality, Property Finder

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Verified – what does it mean?

Verified Listings have full authenticity documentation checked and approved by our dedicated Quality Control team, including myself.

Do we really check up on each Verified Listing on our website? Yes, we absolutely do. 

By verifying your listing, you are reassuring your customers that your listing is 100% genuine and available for sale or rent. 

“Verified listings are a massive step towards authenticity in the market in terms of properties which are actually available. The fact that before listings go live now, all correct documents are in place means the verified listings you will see online are genuinely helping agents”.

Conor McKay, Luxury Specialist, haus&haus, Outstanding Agent winner for Dubai

Why we encourage you to verify your listing:

  • Rank higher in search results
  • Receive on average 4-6x more leads than a non-verified listing
  • Contribute to building a trustworthy real estate marketplace
  • It’s a free service that comes with your membership – use your membership to its full potential!

That’s right! It’s a fantastic tool to increase traffic to your listings and gain trust from potential customers. Property seekers are more likely to deal with agents who adhere to the industry’s laws and regulations and keep consumers’ interests and rights a priority.

How to verify your listing

Verifying your listing is straightforward. Simply upload digital copies of the required documents online via myCRM, PropSpace or Property Finder Manager, and our in house team checks each document. 

Follow my simple guide on how to get Verified:  

In DubaiIn Abu Dhabi
Form A (authorisation document)Title Deed or the Sales and Purchase Agreement
Title Deed (property ownership document)A signed copy of the homeowner’s passport or Emirates ID
A signed copy of the homeowner’s passport or Emirates ID Property Advertising Agreement (supplied by Property Finder) 

For Abu Dhabi specifically, only properties in the capital’s freehold areas are eligible for verification. Verification is coming soon to the Northern Emirates.

Some verification facts you should know:

  • Residential rental listings are verified for 45 days
  • Residential sale listings are verified for 90 days
  • Commercial rental listings are verified for 90 days
  • Commercial sale listings are verified for 180 days
  • Listings can be re-submitted for verification if the documentation is still valid and the property is still on the market.
  • ‘Verifieds’, as we call them, come up high in rankings. As we put quality first, we expect the images you upload for Verifieds to be of high-quality also. If they aren’t, your request might be delayed, until they’re just right
  • And one more – submitting falsified or forged documents will result in a restriction in an agents ability to verify listings, along with having their profile unverified, and may lead to all currently verified listings being removed. Verified Listings were created to promote industry best practice – be part of the movement. 

Want more?

Download our Verified Listings Fact Sheet & Checklist to breeze through the verification.

Are you a PF client ready to verify your listings?

Go to Manager, or log in to your myCRM or PropSpace account.

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