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What is a SuperAgent?

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A SuperAgent is an agent who is property seeker obsessed. They provide the best possible information with the most up-to-date listings in the market, all while ensuring to respond to home seeker enquiries faster than the rest. 

Be the Next SuperAgent

Every day our Agent Data Assistant (ADA) analyses each individual agent’s unique data from the last 60-day cycle. Ada processes the information and rewards the best real estate agents with a SuperAgent status and tag. The SuperAgent tag stays with the awarded agents until the end of the month or for as long as the agent’s performance meets Ada’s requirements across all factors. Ada takes into account the following criteria:

  • Great Listings Quality: SuperAgents provide the best quality listings and have more verified listings than other agents. Home seekers have the best chance of finding their dream home with a SuperAgent. 

  • Fast Response Time: SuperAgents respond faster than other agents to the home seekers’ messages, calls, or emails. 

  • Up-to-Date Listings: SuperAgents always have listings that are up-to-date and available in the market. 

  • Customer Service: Whenever the home seeker tries reaching the agent for any inquiries or query, the SuperAgent provides them with quick and beneficial assistance.

  • Master Classes: Ada recommends all agents to take the Master Classes. It will help you increase your leads and offer high-quality listings.

SuperAgent Benefits

  • More control over where listings appear in the search results, with “SuperAgents” listings being boosted in the search results page
  • Stand out from the competition with a “SuperAgent” Icon alongside all listings, denoting agents as a “SuperAgent” in the search results and on the property details page
  • Find an Agent page is now sorted by “SuperAgents” first, enabling any agent to build a brand with sellers and landlords looking to find their next agent
  • With the introduction of the “SuperAgents” first toggle in the search results, ensure listings are found by those home seekers who want to work with the best agents in market
  • Home seekers will be able to find the “SuperAgents” who they know will meet their needs super fast with the introduction of agent response time in the property listing page
  • You will receive a media kit to brand yourself across multiple different channels as a SuperAgent

Meet ADA

SuperAgents are powered by “Ada”, our Agent Data Assistant who computes various factors including response times and other quality factors to determine and highlight who are the agents that will deliver the best buying/renting experience to home seekers. Ada will reward these agents based on their performance. 

Ada will support agents in standing out from the competition and help deliver a state-of-the-art experience for their leads. Ada will take into account the quality and availability of an agent’s property listings, as well as how quickly they respond to home seekers’ enquiries. When an agent receives the “SuperAgent” status, a tag will be awarded which will boost the agent’s profile and listing visibility. 

Start your journey now to be a SuperAgent on Property Finder by joining our Master Classes

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