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How to increase your exposure and brand awareness

As real estate agents, it’s always important to have your personal brand front of mind for buyers, sellers, renters and landlords. Property Finder has created a suite of products for you to gain an advantage over the competition and make a good first impression.

  • community expert
  • Elevate your brand
  • find agent
  • outstanding agent

Marcelo Foitinho

- Sales Team Leader, Property Finder

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Let me take you through the top three features that will drive exposure for your brand. 

#1 Find Agent

Find Agent is like an online database of business cards, where you can create your own profile and stand out to customers. Add a profile picture, let clients know which areas you specialise in, what languages you speak and display your RERA registration number. Add a description of your career summary to better introduce yourself to customers.


A strong Find Agent profile serves to elevate your personal brand and showcase your point of difference to vendors and landlords.

Only Verified Agents feature in this area of the site, instilling customers with confidence in you, and the authenticity of your listings. As soon as you are RERA certified real estate agent, we recommend verifying your agent profile and making your presence in the market known with Find Agent. 

“ I think the ‘Find Agent’ section is a brilliant help as it allows buyers the opportunity to see the individual agent, understand their experience and see the number of listings they have. This has also been a great help for me achieving more sellers in my area.”

Jade Morris, Dacha Real Estate, Outstanding Agent for Dubai

Have your RERA number ready? 

If you’re an agent already advertising with Property Finder, go to Manager to submit verification documents. If you’d like to speak to one of our representatives about joining Property Finder, request call back today.

#2 Community Expert

House hunters don’t always know who is the best agent to speak to when searching for their next home, particularly when interested in a specific area. That’s where Community Expert comes in. Attract potential clients quicker by making your expertise within a community known. The ‘Community Expert’ banner gives agents like you more visibility and warmer leads, as the customer is seeking the market knowledge you can provide. Your banner also helps to separate your listings from your competitors’.

  • You’ll get 25% SoV (Share of Voice) in all Search Results Pages
  • Your Agent Profile will appear at the top of the Find Agent page when property seekers browse for properties in your area
  • Customers searching for Building Reviews in your area will also see your Agent Profile
  • As will those scrolling through our Community Guides, enhancing your visibility further

Community Expert is a powerful tool to cement your brand presence, gain more credibility as a specialist in your area and attract more qualified leads. 

Ready to step it up? 

Contact us on and we’ll help you get started. Or go here to find out more about Community Expert.

#3 Outstanding Agent Award

Do you have what it takes to move the industry forward? Here’s your chance to outshine the competition and be a cut above the rest!

Participate in our monthly Outstanding Agent competition for a chance to be awarded the title of the best agent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates.

If you win, you are guaranteed immense exposure: be featured on our social media and the Property Finder blog, get the dedicated banner under your Find Agent profile and a trophy! 

Have what it takes to scoop the Outstanding Agent award?

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