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Introducing Agent Dashboard Only on myCRM

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Agent dashboard allows you to review your performance over the last 60 days. In-line with Property Finder’s recent launch SuperAgent powered by Ada, we are giving you full visibility on the key metrics that will help you stand out as being a truly property provider. 

The key metrics that you will be able to track are:

  • Overall responsiveness including WhatsApp, calls, and emails response time
  • Verified Listings
  • Quality Scores.

In addition to these key metrics, we will also highlight if you have received the SuperAgent status for this month.

What Does it Mean for you?

  • Track all the leads generated by Property Finder whether by WhatsApp, calls, and emails 
  • Improve response time to ensure you deliver the best experience to property seekers
  • Track the quality of your content to ensure you provide great listings to property seekers 
  • Get recommendations on how to become a SuperAgent.

What Do You Need to Do Next?

Nothing for customers who are on myCRM as you will automatically have access to the dashboard.

For customers who aren’t on myCRM, we will give you access to this dashboard which is free of charge. Then, you will receive an email from myCRM team to view the dashboard.

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