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Introducing new SuperAgent Insights only on PF Expert

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SuperAgents are meant to lead the way with high quality listings, fast response rates and quick lead turnarounds. In our effort to provide you with the best tools to navigate and excel in the real estate business, we are excited to introduce SuperAgent Insights.

Powered by ADA, SuperAgent Insights give you better visibility of your performance, and provide personalised recommendations to maintain your SuperAgent status and excel within your domain. 

How SuperAgent Insights help you manage your business more effectively

SuperAgent Insights offer complete transparency, multiple data points, and personalised recommendations to help you improve your performance and drive more business through your leads and listings. Some of these insights are: 

  • Response Rates: Gives you a better understanding of your response times across WhatsApp, Calls, and Emails so you know exactly what needs your attention. 
  • Lead Quantity: Reflects the total number of leads you’ve received in the last 60 days. You require a minimum of 10 to keep your SuperAgent status. 
  • Live Listings: Offers an overview of your properties that are currently live on Property Finder. Between 5 to 80 live properties are required to gain and maintain your SuperAgent status.
  • Compliant Properties: SuperAgents provide the best-quality listings in the market and thus require all listings to be 100% compliant with DLD regulations within 30 days in order to maintain their SuperAgent status.  
  • Quality of Listings: Gives you a comprehensive understanding of how informative your listings are and how it impacts your listing quality score.

These insights and personalised recommendations will help you improve the quality of your listings, speed up your responses, attract more customers, and also acquire or maintain your SuperAgent status.

How to get started with SuperAgent Insights

For now, SuperAgent Insights are only available to PF Expert users. To get started, log into your PF Expert account and head over to the ‘SuperAgents Insights’ tab to review your performance and recommendations.

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