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Introducing WhatsApp Insights only at Property Finder

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Track and respond to your WhatsApp leads faster than ever, with WhatsApp Insights from Property Finder.

The only portal to offer full visibility of all your lead channels, WhatsApp, Calls, and Emails. 

Giving you insight into what property seekers are looking for and how quickly you have responded to them.

Rolling out to you between the 7th-9th of June. Only at Property Finder.

Over 55% of Property Finder leads come via WhatsApp. Leveraging WhatsApp as a key communication channel is a big opportunity for you to generate more business.

To unlock this potential we are launching WhatsApp Insights.

Over 55% of Property Finder leads
come via WhatsApp

How does it work?

WhatsApp Insights from Property Finder allows you to see when a property seeker contacted you, what property they were interested in, whether you responded and how quickly you responded.

What does it mean for you?

WhatsApp Insights: 

  • Allows  you to track all the leads generated by Property Finder, whether by WhatsApp, email, or call
  • Gives you visibility of your entire lead pool, now including WhatsApp leads
  • Improve response time to WhatsApp leads to ensure you deliver the best possible experience to property seekers
  • A free of charge service which will help you save up to 100k AED per year
  • Additional Benefit – No more spam

What do you need to do next?

Nothing, for all customers who already provide us with a WhatsApp number, we will be automatically applying WhatsApp Insights on the 9th of June.

For customers who don’t provide a WhatsApp number, login into manager and update their agents contact details before the 9th of June.

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