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Learn the Essentials of Becoming a Broker in Dubai – a brand new free masterclass

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What is it?

A step-by-step Video Series Guide from Hiba Jaber – a Top Educator in Real Estate that teaches any Dubai realtor the key systems, regulations and laws that you MUST know and follow…

…so that you can offer the best advice to your clients WITHOUT the overwhelm or risk of losing the deal because you didn’t know the fundamentals.

In this free training, you’ll:

  • Learn the essential practices in Dubai’s real estate market in ONE afternoon
  • Grasp the key steps to buying, selling and renting properties in Dubai
  • Arm yourself with knowledge of the legalities, systems, registers and regulators in Dubai

Who is this course perfect for?

In other words, you can’t miss it if….

  • You’re an aspiring real estate broker in Dubai
  • You want to learn the fundamentals for free
  • You’re an established realtor who wants to refresh your memory
  • Being market-educated in front of clients matters to you
  • Providing a knowledgeable and professional service is high on your agenda
  • You want to set yourself apart from the competition

If you answered YES, then we’ve got something perfect for you.

We’ve partnered with Hiba Jaber Dubai Real Estate Expert to offer you this masterclass for free and level up your real estate knowledge in 2021.

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