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Master any Live Viewing with our new, free Online Masterclass

An interactive online course has been created to educate agents on how to run a successful Live Viewing.

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Rose Marsh

- Product Lead, Property Finder

Emily Thomas

- Product Manager, Property Finder

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Aside from the prerecorded virtual tours, Property Finder has launched the idea of “Live Viewings” to cope with the challenges that we are facing in the market right now.

Furthermore, an interactive online course has been created to educate agents on how to run a successful Live Viewing.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the sub-detailed questions about the course and its benefits.

1. What is meant by Live Viewings and why do we use it?

Perhaps one of the most essential services nowadays in the field of real estate is the “Live Viewings feature.” It is provided to the agents for a chance to show their properties online through the Lead Tracker app, without the need to move a lot in real life. Instead, the whole process is done easily and at a very fast pace.

2. What is the first thing that should be done to access the feature?

Property Finder has brought you a detailed course, targeting an A-class technological approach. First, you should pass an onboarding process in order to access the feature; this is done by completing the Live Viewings Online Masterclass, then your service will be activated as soon as possible.

3. What will you learn?

The learning process will include many steps:

1. Tips and tricks for running a successful Live Viewing
2. How to download the Lead Tracker app
3. There will be a set of rules (dos and don’ts) that should be followed to run a Live Viewing

4. How long will it take?

As for the duration of the course, it shouldn’t take you longer than 40 minutes. After that, you will be able to use it immediately and it will be completely free – with no added fees from the company.

5. How will it be useful?

This course is designed to meet both agents’ and clients’ needs, and therefore its purpose is to train all Property Finder agents to:

  • Learn more details about Live Viewings
  • Learn how to run a Live Viewings
  • Learn how the clients will be able to join your Live Viewings
  • Learn about tips and tricks to handle Live Viewings in general
  • Learn about the steps you need to follow to go live

In the end, a final test will be included in the course to make sure that everything is grasped very well and a certificate will be given to those who complete 100% of the course.

Great experience completing this e-course, simple & effective.

Yasin, Allsopp & Allsopp

Great course, simple and straightforward, easy to understand.

Abdul Kader, Premier Estates

It makes it easy for us as agents to do a Live Viewing

Abir, Thom&Gery Real Estate Brokers

Well prepared training with lots of tips. Easy and useful

Gulnar, Mega Homes Real Estate Brokers

If you are a Verified Agent, go ahead and take the free Live Viewings course now.

If you are not a Verified Agent, go to Manager and verify your profile first, before taking the e-course. Learn more

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