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New Competitive Score

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It is a  new scoring mechanism that will help you see at glance how competitive you are on Property Finder vs other businesses in the areas you advertise listings. This new “Competitive Score” is calculated based on the following 4 factors:

  • Average Quality Score of your listings
  • The percentage of your listings that are Verified
  • The total volume leads your business has generated
  • The total number of published listings your business has had on Property Finder

The score will be out from 1-10 and will be filterable, so you will be able to review your performance based on specific dates, locations and property segments, for example residential sales or residential rentals. The dashboard will also show you how you are performing compared to the market average and your 5 nearest competitors based on number of leads

How can you receive a high score?

  • Achieve 100% of quality score on all your listings
  • Increase verified listings with the most accurate information and details
  • Increase the number of listings with relevant and correct information for property seekers 

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