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New: Live Viewings feature now available to all agents via Lead Tracker

The world has fundamentally changed, and we’re changing with it. We want to partner with you to bring live viewings of the UAE’s hottest properties to consumers across the region and throughout the globe.

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Emily Thomas

- Product Manager, Property Finder Group


Rose Marsh

- Lead Product Manager, Property Finder Group

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For both local and international property seekers, viewing properties has become increasingly difficult to do. Because of this – the property-seeking experience is fundamentally changing, and consumers are relying more and more on technology to make purchasing decisions.

Live Viewings

To help you showcase your best properties, and find clients looking to buy or rent, you can now schedule and run Live Viewings directly from Lead Tracker app.

All you need is access to a great property, Lead Tracker, and that’s it. The service is free of charge to all Property Finder customers and will be rolled out area by area over the coming weeks. 

We know many of you are already adapting and finding ways to thrive in this new reality – so Property Finder is bringing you best-in-class technology to make your jobs easier and more fruitful.

How do I access Live Viewings?

  1. You need to pass our onboarding process to access the feature. If you attended one of our Product Webinars on Live Viewings, you will be one of the first ones to have Live Viewings activated. We’re working around the clock to activate everyone as soon as possible, but as it’s a manual process, please bear with us.
  2. You’ll need to be a Verified Agent to use Live Viewings. You can do this by following these steps:
    • Complete all mandatory fields of your profile in Manager (image, bio, title, languages, nationality, years of experience)
    • Upload your RERA card (Dubai) or residency visa (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain)
    • Submit your profile for approval (in Manager)
  3. You’ll also need to make sure you have the Lead Tracker app downloaded (it’s free), and that’s it!

How to run a Live Viewing


  • Download Lead Tracker, if you don’t have it already
  • Go to the “Properties” section and click on the Property you want to schedule a Live Viewing for
  • Click Schedule Live Viewing then enter the date and time
  • Add the scheduled Live Viewing to your calendar
  • Users will now be able to see your scheduled Live Viewing, and add a reminder to their calendar, on the Property Finder website
  • When you’re ready to go live – go back to the property in Lead Tracker
  • Click Go Live (this will take you to a screen to check your connection – you will not go live yet)
  • Check your connection
  • When you’re ready, click “Go Live” 


  • Do NOT close the app during in this time 
  • Do NOT answer your phone or a WhatsApp message 
  • In order to avoid killing the Live Viewing. Apply the same rules as you would during an in-person viewing, i.e. focus on the viewing and do not get distracted 😉

Tips on running a Live Viewing

Hear agent reviewing his Live Viewing experience


What is the difference between Live Viewings, Video Tours and 360 Tours?

Live Viewings are viewings broadcasted live by the agent, who needs to be physically at the property at the specific time and date to deliver. Video Tours are pre-recorded video “walk-throughs”. To find out more about Video Tours, go here. 360 Tours are often offered by external service providers to provide a “3D” type of property scan. More on 360 Tours here

What is a Live Viewing?

A Live Viewing is a viewing streamed on the Property Finder website to interested property seekers. There may be many potential clients on each Live Viewing that the agent runs.

  1. The agent uses their Lead Tracker app to schedule the viewing
  2. Property seekers sign up on the Property Finder website
  3. The agent goes live using the Lead Tracker app
  4. Property seekers watch and ask questions from the portal.

Do I have to pay to run a Live Viewing?

No, the feature is completely free to use for you and for consumers.

Do I need Wifi to run a Live Viewing?

Live Viewings can be streamed on WIFI, 3G or 4G. We recommend moving slowly around the property to ensure your connection doesn’t drop.

Can I run a Live Viewing on my iPhone?

Yes, you can run Live Viewings by downloading Lead Tracker from the Apple App Store. You also need to be a Verified Agent and have attended our Product Webinar.

Can I run a Live Viewing on my Android?

Yes, you can run Live Viewings by downloading Lead Tracker from the Google Play Store. You also need to be a Verified Agent and have attended our Product Webinar.

Can Live Viewings be run on commercial properties?

Yes, Live Viewings can be run on any property type. We recommend that you pick well-priced properties in popular areas for your Live Viewings.

What if I cannot access a property?

If you cannot access a property due to lockdown, or the property is tenanted, we suggest you create a slideshow containing the photos of the listing with a voice and submit it as a Virtual Tour.

See example here

See list of slideshow makers here

Property Finder already has 360 Tours – has anything changed?

The process for uploading 360 tours has not changed – it can still be done through Manager or your CRM. However, we have made some changes on the website and app to make it easier for consumers to find listings with 360 tours.

More details on how to upload a 360 tour can be found here.

See more FAQs from the Webinar

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