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Offer clients virtual property scan with 360 Tours

Stand out from the crowd and offer customers a full view of the property with 3D Tours.

  • 3d tours
  • Elevate your brand

Paul Spargo

- Group Sales Director, Property Finder

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If arranging a face to face viewing is not possible, you can offer an experience to explore a property remotely by adding virtual tours to your listings. You can also add more pictures on the listing, to show the client everything they need.

Why invest in 360 Tours for your listings?

  • Helps build genuine interest in a property
  • Brings more views to your listings
  • Sends more enquiries to your properties
  • Popular amongst foreign buyers and investors
  • Listings rank higher in search results pages
  • A more comprehensive overview of a property compared to a 2D view

Here’s a couple of examples of how 360 Tours look on

How to get 360 Tours added to your listings?

First, check if:

  • The 360 tour provider is a whitelisted provider in Property Finder.
    Scroll down to see the list of whitelisted 360 tour providers. However, if you would like to work with a provider who is not yet listed, send us an email to with at least 2-3 sample URLs and the listings you intend to showcase them on.
  • The URL you have ready is unique (and is not broken). You may use one URL up to two properties as long as they do not belong in the same category and it is showcasing the property described in your listing. Limit is subject to change, please stay tuned.
  • The CRM you are using has this feature. Both PropSpace and myCRM have this feature. You may reach out to your CRM provider support teams for guidance on how to add 360 tour URLs and/or to ensure that they support this type of media, along with listing photos.
  • If you are adding listings via Property Finder Manager:
    • Go to Properties tab in Property Finder Manager
    • Whether you are adding a new listing or editing an existing listing, the 360 tour URL can be found inside the property form (as shown below).

Here’s a list of the currently whitelisted 360 Tour providers to help you get started.

Not to say that we do not accept others, but these are 100% approved by Property Finder:

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