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Property Finder becomes the market leader for property related searches

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BrightEdge, a globally leading enterprise SEO and Content platform that work with 56 Fortune 100 companies, have released a report looking at Real Estate in the UAE.

Most industry reports look at overall visibility or overall traffic but don’t account for sites that may be getting traffic from irrelevant keywords outside of the keyword universe for property.

This report focuses on the top 5,000 search queries that they have identified as being the most relevant and highest volume search terms related to property searches and, therefore, is the most accurate and true picture on the organic search visibility for the property market in UAE that has ever been published. 

Overall UAE Market Share on Top 4 Most Visible Sites 

Share of Voice from February 2020

BrightEdge defines “Share of Voice” as the more visible a site is for the higher volume keywords the higher Share of Voice a site will have. So the higher the Share of Voice the more search queries a particular site is appearing at the top of Google results for.

The key findings include: 

  • Property Finder has overtaken Dubizzle to have the largest Share of Voice in the UAE property market
  • When looking at the top 4 property sites in February 2020, Property Finder had more market share than Dubizzle, Just Property and Bayut combined taking 52% share of voice for the top 5,000 property related queries
  • Strongest in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Property Finder also measured strong results in the Northern Emirates and takes 42% Share of Voice when looking at all UAE results

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