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Supercharge your listing to rank higher in search results with our 9 tips

Follow these top tips from our Head of Data Science, Dina, on how to create a high-quality listing to reach the top position in the search results pages.

  • floor plans
  • listing images
  • Promote your listings
  • virtual tours

Dina Mohammad-Laity

- Head of Data Science, Property Finder

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Users now have more time than ever to scrutinise your listings, so it’s time to make sure your listings really stand out. Let’s start with the basics, but don’t miss #8 – it’s a game-changer.

#1 Listing title

It’s the most prominent text that features at the top of the listing. Be sure to mention key attributes, such as ‘price reduction’, ‘sea view’, ‘fully upgraded’ to attract quality leads.

Your listing title can be between 30 and 50 characters. Use this space wisely to really capture the property seekers’ attention – think Twitter; less is more! To ensure you get maximum Quality Score points for your title, stay within the character range.

Based on research done by the Property Finder Data Science team (link here if you like) we can show that some of the key title elements to attract potential renters or buyers are:

  • The property layout type (see: #9: Floor Plans)
  • Upgrade status
  • Number of cheques
  • Proximity to metro
  • View details – “sea” and “marina views” are a hit!

Due to the current situation, we’ve seen a significant increase in searches for cheques, particularly for “12 cheques“. Urge landlords to consider this, then update your listing titles for more leads.

Searches for properties with outdoor living space have doubled – so call out the fact your listing has a balcony, courtyard, pool etc. in the listing title.

#2 Listing description

Around 50% of visitors click ‘read more’ on the property details page. This offers a huge opportunity for you to ‘sell’ your listing to browsers by providing a detailed description of the property, noting all essential and standout features.

Your Listing Description may range from 750 to 2,000 characters. A strong description will also make your listing more discoverable to the user as our keyword search feature pulls from this section.

Be sure to mention unique attributes such as the view, private swimming pool, fully landscaped garden, or proximity to key amenities, such as schools or supermarkets. To earn full Quality Score points, ensure you stay within the range.

Also, consider adding elements that might be less obvious, such as cost-saving aspects of the property:

  • Solar panels/water heating
  • Chiller free
  • Landscaped garden/existing irrigation system
  • Cheque flexibility (for rentals)

#3 Listing images

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. With that in mind, uploading high-quality images with your listing is hugely powerful. Approximately 70% of property seekers interact with images when they reach the property detail page. On top of that, Property Finder analysis shows that listings with high-quality images yield on average 30% more clicks and 50% more leads – so, your images are a chance for your listing to shine and stand out from the crowd! The elements we consider when it comes to quality are orientation, brightness, uniqueness and resolution.

Image orientation

Landscape photos, please! Use the space in the search results and property listing page to its maximum potential. We all know prime real estate is expensive, so why waste space!?

Image brightness

We get it – if the DEWA is off, it can be hard to get a well-lit image. As much as possible we ask you to try as it offers a much better view of the space a property has to offer. Make sure your images feature ample natural light to showcase the property the best way possible. Shoot during the day and invest in professional equipment – it pays off, we promise!

Image uniqueness

Upload unique content to promote your listing. Duplicate images don’t provide a good user experience. We have measures in place to identify duplicate or spam content.

Image resolution 

Providing high-resolution, clear images supports the consumer experience, and showcases your listings in the best way. No one likes pixelated, blurry photos! As far as possible, use a good quality camera or phone to snap the photos.

#4 Watermark

Always watermark your images to protect content from being recycled by another, less sophisticated brokerage; yes, unfortunately, it does happen! If you use one of our Property Finder’s CRM systems myCRM or PropSpace, images will be watermarked for you automatically, all in one go. Find out more about what else our CRM Solutions offer you.

#5 Listing location

Location, location, location! Your customers are more informed than ever before, help us to help you by providing more information on the property location from the outset. See below the best example of how to add the location. Select all four sections within our location tree to ensure your listing always appears in the search results, irrespective of what filters are chosen. You’ll instantly boost the visibility of the listing as it will appear in more searches.

BADDubai, Dubai Marina
BETTERDubai, Dubai Marina, Silverene Tower
BESTDubai, Dubai Marina, Silverene Tower, Tower A

#5 Verify your listings

Getting your green “Verified” badge is the simplest way of increasing your visibility, attracting more clicks and leads as property seekers know your listing is genuinely available. It’s a free service that comes with your Property Finder membership.

To verify your listing, you will need to provide us with certain documents to prove its authenticity. Our team checks and approves each document submitted, helping you to the top of the search rankings. More on how to get more leads by verifying your listings here.

Make sure to also check out the Resources tab and download the handy listing verification checklist, to ensure you have everything covered and make the verification process as smooth as possible.

#6 Get 100% Quality Score

Following the above tips will unlock your listing’s full potential. What does that mean? High-quality listings rank higher, simple. Appearing higher in search gets you more visibility, more page views, more enquiries, and as a result, more deals. The higher the Quality Score, the more chances you have that YOUR listing will show up in search. You can check the score of your listings in the Manager (the Property Finder tool that helps you manage your listings and more). 

“Having our listings on a leading property portal helps to bring more prominence to our brand. We ensure that each of our listings has a high Quality Score and ranks higher on property searches, which in turn gives us more visibility and a stronger digital presence”.

– Jason Hayes, Founder & CEO,

#7 Promote your listing

Finally, we have the tools that help boost your listing even further. Premium listings get you over 10x more leads and Featured listings generate over 5x more views. It’s worth exploring and investing in these products if you want to enhance your visibility and exposure. Find out more here

#8 Virtual tours (3D Tours)

Virtual tours, also known as 3D Tours, are a fantastic way to bring your listing to life for potential customers. Our data shows that users who view a virtual tour are more likely to send a lead, and our users tell us that virtual tours are more important to them now than ever before. 

At Property Finder, we reward your quality content, so you’ll get a ranking boost if you add a virtual tour to your listing. We’ll also ensure that your listing stands out to our users when they are browsing the search results.

We have many virtual tour providers available for use on our portal, including free tools such as Makevt. View a full list of our whitelisted providers.

#9 Floor plans

Floor plans are another fantastic way of giving your potential customers insight without doing a physical viewing; and again, our data shows that users who view floor plans are more likely to submit a lead. 

We recommend: 

  • Putting the property’s floor plan as one of your images
  • Including the unit type in the description or title of your listing
  • Giving additional details such as: built-up area, plot area and balcony size.

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