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The surge in short-term rental enquiries and why now is the best time to partner with Property Finder if you run a short-term rental business

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Gordor Gair

- Business Development Manager, Property Finder

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As a holiday homes business or a company focusing on short-term rentals, you might not have explored Property Finder as a source of leads before, but as consumers are looking for quick short-term lets to avoid long-term contracts and commitments due to the unprecedented times, here’s why Property Finder is your best partner right now.


  • Local consumers are now looking for quick short-term rentals to avoid long term contracts and commitments
  • We delivered 200% more short-term enquiries YoY (April 2020 vs April 2019)
  • Home-seekers are searching for “Daily, weekly & monthly” rentals proving the increased demand
  • The demand can be seen across different areas in all Emirates

“For the past year, a large majority of Stella Stays reservations came from Airbnb. As a holiday homes company, this was the natural platform for us to use. However, when the pandemic started and hospitality as a whole took a large hit, we had to start thinking of other ways to get our properties seen and reservations booked. We contacted Property Finder, were put in touch with an awesome team and within a week had a training call and all of our properties listed.

The calls and emails started on the very same day. In April 2020, 5 of our 6 villas were rented for the month by leads that came from Property Finder. Moving forward, even after the pandemic is over, we will continue to use Property Finder as it’s increased our leads and many have converted into reservations. The support from the Property Finder team has been great and they’re always happy to hop in and help with any questions or issues.”

Stephanie Ongaro, Guest Experience Manager, Stella Stays

Local consumers are now looking for quick short-term lets to avoid long term contracts and commitments 

We are seeing more and more consumers searching for short-term searches as a share of total rental searches

Short-term searches increase as a share of total rental searches in the past weeks 

We delivered 200% more short-term enquiries YoY
(April 2020 vs April 2019)

Capitalise on the recent surge in consumer trends and increase YOUR market and short term listing exposure on

Home-seekers are searching for “daily, weekly & monthly” rentals

Include these keywords in the title and description as people are searching on a search term basis during the Covid-19 Pandemic

The demand is not limited to a particular area

From Dubai Palm and Dubai Marina to Bur Dubai and Deira, the trend applies to multiple communities across Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The growth can be seen particularly strong in Dubai

Don’t fall behind your competition

We’ve seen a 10% increase in short-term listings online with Property Finder since the start of the year.

Tips on how to make your short-term listings stand out:

  • Catch your customers attention
    Stand out from the competition and use keywords such as ‘outdoor space’ ‘Balcony’ ‘Swimming Pool’ in your title. 
  • Highlight unique selling points
    Use images that highlight your outdoor spaces or special features in or outside your apartment using high spec quality and lighting. Do you have iconic views – the beach, Dubai Marina, Downtown skyline? Make sure to include them in your image gallery.

Why choose Property Finder? 

  • Access the largest property-seeking audience
    Profit from over 14 million page views every month, with more than 400,000 quality leads sent to real estate brokers and developers in the UAE
  • No hidden charges
    During this time we want to support you as much as we can, and aim to make this as seamless as possible at no extra cost. We do not charge commission fees so you can budget for the year ahead
  • Get noticed first
    With different package options available, you can stand out by being the first listing on search results by using our Premium and Featured listings.

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