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Video Tours – latest product updates

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Rose Marsh

- Lead Product Manager, Property Finder

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Are you already running Live Viewings? You can now turn them into Video Tours.

Did you know?

  • Our latest analysis shows that users who view a Video Tour are 2x more likely to submit a lead
  • 22% of users who load a property with a Video Tour, then watch the virtual tour

Video Tours

Video Tours allow you to give consumers detailed insight on your listing using video, voice over and walk-arounds of the property. We will be adding these virtual tours to your listings, as well as featuring the best ones on our social media channels.

See example below plus see how it appears on the listing here.

How it works – option 1:

Here is how to turn your Live Viewing into a Video Tour in 4 steps:

  1. Open Lead Tracker
  2. Broadcast the Live Viewing
  3. On the listing, playback the Live Viewing
  4. Swipe to turn your previous Live Viewing in a Video Tour

Any Live Viewing that happened in the past, will be saved under that listing in Lead Tracker, so you don’t have to do it again.

Here is how to upload your video tour in three simple steps – option 2:

1. Create your video of each property and ensure that all content meets the following requirements:

  • You have a Property Finder Manager account with admin rights
  • The link you are uploading is in YouTube format
  • The content of the video refers to an individual property
  • The content does not contravene any of our terms and conditions

2. Go to the properties tab in your Property Finder Manager account (

3. Click the “Actions” button and select “Video Tour URL”   

Once you’ve added your YouTube link, the video should be live in your listing shortly after.

Rest assured we will still be here to offer support should you have any difficulties, drop us a line.

Why you should get involved:

  • More exposure to your listings
  • Enhanced video content on your listings
  • Closest form to a live viewing experience
  • Better user experience during these difficult times

Top tips for recording a Video Tour

  • The Video Tour should be a video in MP4 format
  • Recording on your smartphone works very well, but check the quality first
  • Film in the day, or in a property with lights that work
  • Film in landscape, not portrait
  • Check the property before filming, and make sure it’s neat and tidy
  • Start the video by introducing yourself
  • Tour the property pointing out its best features (what makes it special?)
  • Take your time and don’t move between rooms too quickly
  • Keep the smartphone or camera steady and pointed directly out in front of you

360 Tours

We continue to also support 360 virtual tours on listings. Read more about 360 tours here.

Users have more time now than ever, to scrutinise your listings, so make sure your listings have the best quality pictures, descriptions and titles.

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