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Virtual Viewings – let’s adapt together

We want to support you and your business to the best of our ability and help you continue getting quality leads from your number one lead source, despite these turbulent times.

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Rose Marsh

- Lead Product Manager, Property Finder

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Are you already running Virtual Viewings or would be interested in partnering with us to do so? Read this article to find out how.

We want to give you full access to our social media audience, as well as highly engaged online property seekers through our targeting, for free.

Video Tours

Video tours allow you to give consumers detailed insight on your listing using voice over and walk-arounds of the property. We will be adding these video tours to your listings, as well as featuring the best ones on our social media channels.

What we need is your best listings captured in a video format.

See example below:

HOW IT WORKS – 3 simple steps:

  • Record a viewing (with your phone) or submit an existing one
  • Follow these Guidelines
  • Send us your content + listing ID to


  • More exposure to your listings
  • Enhanced video content on your listings
  • Closest form to a live viewing experience
  • Better user experience during these difficult times

360 Tours

We continue to also support 360 virtual tours on listings. Read more about 360 tours here.

Users have more time now than ever, to scrutinise your listings, so make sure your listings have the best quality pictures, descriptions and titles.

Are you ready?

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