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Blueground has been a client of Property Finder since September 2016 and we have grown our package year on year, starting in 2016 with 50 standard listings and 10 Featured, now have 150 listings with 100 Featured and 50 Premium. As a premium furnished housing provider in Dubai, Blueground has found incredible value in partnering with Property Finder. Property Finder is one of our top lead generators when it comes to Dubai-based classified sites and we have been very satisfied with the quality of their leads.

—Amine Housni, Regional Manager, Middle East, Blueground


We have been advertising with Property Finder since we opened in 2014. Property Finder has contributed to around 70% of leads we have received since starting the company and around 60% of all deals done.

During this period we have also seen Property Finder lead the way with new technology and procedures to help make the real estate market more transparent and professional. With the introduction of many new features during our time including Verified Listings, Call Tracking and the Lead Tracker app, Property Finder have managed to improve the experience for both the customer as well as the agents and have helped raise the bar of what is expected within the real estate industry.

We have had numerous account managers since signing with Property Finder and in my opinion, we now have the best account manager in Ines Ferreira. Ines constantly analyzes our package and performance to see where we can improve our lead generation as well as offering ongoing training and support to our brokers to help them get the most of the Property Finder package. I can’t speak highly enough of Ines and would personally like to thank her for all of her ongoing support.

—Craig Salmons, Managing Director, HMS Homes

We have been advertising on Property Finder for more than six years. Over this period, we have seen Property Finder become our top source for leads when it comes to ready property for sale and rental property. What we like most about advertising on Property Finder is that there are ample opportunities to make your listings stand out. For example, this year, we have put a lot of effort into verifying every property that is eligible to be verified, and we have noticed our leads double in this very short space of time.

Another point that I think is quite telling of Property Finder’s top position in the market is that typically all brokers in Dubai use the portal to search for properties for their buyers and tenants. We do this because we know that it is the platform where the information is most likely to be accurate and displayed a clean and concise manner.

—Sam McCone, Managing Director, McCone Properties

Since I have started my real estate career back in 2015, Property Finder has been my best source of leads as well as the most accurate and efficient ones. I took the next step and started my own company three months ago, and Property Finder has been an essential tool that assisted my company to have a smooth start with accurate, fast and verified leads. The portal supported us a lot by showing the unique products we are offering to Dubai’s market starting from serviced apartments, residential as well as commercial. Since the subscription started three months ago, we have upgraded our package numerous times as we gained new stock and each time the leads follow due to the increase in market share. We also take advantage of the free products that Property Finder offer including Call Tracking & the Lead Tracker app. We find that both are an essential part of our success as it keeps us on track & helps ensure a lead is never missed.

—Asem Al Helwani, Founder and CEO, ALH Properties

Property Finder is a crucial part of our business, providing an essential and efficient link to the market. We generate a significant volume of leads through the portal, a good percentage of which convert to deals. Property Finder is undoubtedly a positive force in the Dubai Real Estate market and has played a key role in professionalising the market.

I believe that modest competition in the portal market is important but the reality is that Property Finder is definitely leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. I would also say that Property Finder does a great job in bringing the industry under one roof, with events like the CEO breakfast meeting and the end of year Property Finder Real Estate Awards ceremony which is always very well attended – these events allow for a productive collision of ideas which is in the interests of all market participants.

—John Lyons, Head of Sales & Leasing, ESPACE Real Estate

Property Finder is our number one source of leads as a company, particularly when it comes to buyer leads. We think this reflects their dominant position in the online real estate portal market and we only see this getting stronger as the market matures and as they lead the push towards transparency and innovation in the sector.

Our Account Manager is always available to help whenever needed, with fast response times. We also feel that we have the ability to have an audience with members of senior management whenever an issue requires this level of attention.

While we do use the other portals, we feel as though Property Finder is head and shoulders above the others in terms of the way they care about the sector and the way they use quality listings to generate quality leads.

Always look forward to the generous events held by Property Finder. It’s a great way to network among the industry peers and always a lot of fun!

—Simon Kennedy, Managing Director, Edwards & Towers

For me, Property Finder is the ‘only’ portal. Not only do Property Finder provide the best quality of leads, their customer service is invaluable. With their range of products to promote our properties/developments I really do not need to go anywhere else.

—Jackie Johns, CEO, Premier Estates Real Estate